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Default Zubsolv not the only suboxone tab generic any more


No special "branding" or claims of a new formulation it is straight generic 8mg and 2mg pills that are orange, however they are a bit smaller than suboxne was. here is a link to the pdf of the annoucment.
Same as amneal, straight up generic subs. However thy are the worlds 3rd largest pharma company, maybe they will become the cheapest...
In Michigan they are depending on quantity bought & if you have a discount card .80-4.20 each

My AAA discount at a mom and drops it to 80 cents each. for #30 24.00 Yes I wrote that write 80 cents each for amneal or Actavis brands, well amneal is 84 cents. I prefer actavis they dissolve quicker.

Also this made me happy I am sure it will most of us on Bup.
the FDA has referred this matter to the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and address Reckitt’s anticompetitive business practices.
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Hi Chris_H, you might be interested in this thread about the generic Suboxone:

When they first came out, people were finding out that the generics were as or more expensive than the brand name. The only time it was less was with insurance and it was a less expensive copay.

Do you have insurance too or just the AAA card? Do you get the 8mg or 2mg?

If you just have the AAA card, then this is great news. Sorry for all the questions.

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I have called everywhere between my home and Ohio, I can not find generic tablets no cheaper than 9 bucks a pill. The coupons are supposed to work and you can get them for five bucks a piece, but I have had no luck at all. If I thought that I could get my script for 80 cents a piece, I would jump on it. You must have insurance because that sounds like insurance paid so much and you were left with a co pay. I cant find a discount card that knocks off that much either. It sounds like 2mg as well, those are a lot cheaper but not that cheap.
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