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Exclamation emergency: 2 1/2 yrs on suboxone...need 3 day rule ; pharmacy denying

I have been an obedient suboxone patient for 2 1/2 yrs....

I have major dilema......I can not afford Suboxone Dr. this month....until next week.

My Psychiatrist,( also for past 2 1/2 years) willing to accompany me to CVS to speak with pharmacist and invoke the "3 Day Rule"......upon calling pharmacy---they never heard of such thing....and can not honor CVS.....which is all i have in my town....

I prepared for this yesterday, by caling 2 times to pharmacy, to see advanced preparations return busy to talk at the time......feel like I was treated as a total junkie---and I hate that word!!!

For first time in ages, I stood firm and demanded supervisor.
None available.....or in the store that could give such permission.

I am not well, and basically without a backbone!!

I then asked if there was a district or state Head Pharmacist that she could call to verify (she is still denying rule at this point).....she doubted an answer this evening.

I, out of desperation, stupidly, said I would call police, for not honoring a Doctors orders.....then she got nasty and told me that at this point, I was just waisting her time!!!

Now, i just got off phone with "here to help".....bless his heart, "jeff".....felt very powerless....not knowing what to tell me. I took it off "his lap" as I could tell how worried he was getting and asked if another department at Reckitt might handle this differently, understanding, this was for instant patient support (moral)......

he suggested Patient Assistance which is open from 9-5 on help this evening.

I do have one more 8mg strip staring at me.....afraid as heck to use it.....glowing with sunlight above it, like "the sword in the stone"......afraid to touch it, in case of true emergency.....
I nibbled my last 8mg tab for 3 days. I am on meds, that metabolize the sub much quicker than the 32 hour half life....only about 10......Trileptal, if you would like to look it up, what does this...along with Latuda.
Make you metabolize meds much quicker, therefore demanding greater dose. I have cut these meds in 1/2 for daily dose for 2 days.....and is taking it's toll.
Last night, becoming suicidal. Pdoc did home visit. Blasted me to sleep with sedating med.....made it to work today....only to come home and face this again.



I am on 8 other Psychiatric deep bipolar cycling and downfall....not well.....and to have this added to my repetoir....well, let me say.....can put a girl over the edge!

I beg....anybody have advice??????????

I have one 8mg film left. the weekend is coming.
I did the right thing, preparing with phone calls for 2 days to enact this.

My Psychiatrist is ready and willing to step up....he too is angry.
I am not one to anger---usually a doormat.


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I am sorry you are having to go thru this right now. Have you spoken with your Sub doctor as far as them trying to work with payment arrangements or anything they can do to help you?

As far as the "3-day rule goes" the only thing I found about it, is about a doctor who is not registered to script out Sub for addiction, being able to do so for a patient for a period of 72 hours. While I have ready a few times on this site about a "3 day rule" I have never seen anyone respond to ever trying to use it.

I don't know enough about it, only what I have read on the DEA website after reading your post. I don't know that pharmacies are allowed to just go scripting out meds without approval from some kinda doctor who is allowed to write scripts, otherwise there would be some crazy stuff going on...

An exception to the registration requirement, known as the "three day rule" (Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1306.07(b)), allows a practitioner who is not separately registered as a narcotic treatment program, to administer (but not prescribe) narcotic drugs to a patient for the purpose of relieving acute withdrawal symptoms while arranging for the patient’s referral for treatment, under the following conditions:
Not more than one day’s medication may be administered or given to a patient at one time;
This treatment may not be carried out for more than 72 hours and;
This 72-hour period cannot be renewed or extended.
This is what I found...

My suggestion to you would be to first speak with your doctor who scripts out your Sub about helping you to get thru until you are able to go in for your appt. Maybe they can make payment arrangements, call you in a few days worth or Sub or something. If you don't find help there, try your regular doctor and see if s/he is willing to do the 3 day rule...last resort would be trying the ER if all else fails...and maybe they can help you there...I am sorry I can't be of more help...again I have only ready about the 3 day rule, and upon looking it up after reading your post, I was only able to find what I posted to my reply. I wish I could be of more help and I wish you the best. Just try using as little as possible of the 1 strip you have left until you get it all figured out...I have been able to live off of 8mg for 5 days when I've had no other choice....just to get me thru.
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Hi lindamine, along with tlg, I was also going to ask if you've spoken with your Suboxone doctor and asked if they could work something out with you, as in you paying them a week later? Or write a postdated check so they'd know you were serious?

For the three day rule, your psych doc would have to have the Suboxone in his office and you would have to go to see him daily. It really has nothing to do with the pharmacy. It has to do with the doctor 'administering' it to the patient. You could check with your ER to see if they have Suboxone there and would be willing to do that - or maybe your Psychiatrist can check for you or go with you. Another thing is that any doctor without being certified can write a prescription for Suboxone as long as it is not for addiction.

When will you be able to see your Suboxone doctor next week? Let us know how you're doing.

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Hello lindamine-sorry to hear of the distress this situation has caused you. Tig and Nancy have both given you good information.

Since your psych dr is so cooperative I would hope he would write you a prescription for the few days you need it. Any dr can write an off label prescription for suboxone for pain-and from the sounds of it you are certainly in pain over all of this.

Then you could ask your sub dr about payment plans, or even refills so you don't have to pay for so many office visits. After 2 1/2 years of being compliant I would think the dr would be willing to cooperate.

Another little question I have is why did you run out of subs early? Is this the first time it has happened?

Good luck, I am glad you are standing up for yourself and seeking out answers! Just hope things can work out for you a little easier. Let us know.

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It sounds like you have a great doctor, i would be willing to bet he would consider writing the generic subutex for you which is on average 1/2-3/4 cheaper than suboxone. My local costco charges 25 dollars for 7 tablets and most any pharmacy would even fill 1 or 2 tablets for you. Point being ask him if he would call in a RX for a few of them to get i by
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My first instinct would be to speak to my Sub dr, because she's great. I think if I were in a situation like this, MY doctor would probably give me a 1-2 week Rx until I could come in. If you're dr isn't the type to do this (though it doesn't hurt to ask) my next step would be to borrow from my friend, but that only works if you have a close friend also on subs who could spare a few strips, as long as I replaced them when I filled my own. This is illegal though, and I can't recommend doing it, but I *can* tell you that is what *I* would do. If neither of those are options for you, the ER is what I would try next. As mentioned in a different response, the 3 day rule is for ADMINISTERING subo, and I don't think it applies to a written Rx. Although it has also been mentioned that subs are prescribed off label for pain, so if your psychriatrist is willing to write the Rx for suboxone, or subutex, I would try just getting it written, going to a different pharmacy, and just handing it over like any old prescription. No inquiring or explaining about the 3 day rule unless they question you.
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hey guys
I was in the hospital all summer and the er did have bupenorphrine....I'm not sure about suboxone but definitely subutex.
I hope this helps.
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btw lindamine Cvs had given me and my drs SO much trouble with controlled substances ...walgreens is much more professional ...can you try there? if not definitely try the er.
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I was curious to know what happen at the end, did they help? Please let us know if u can ty
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just an idea, wouldn't your sub doctor have suboxene or subutex in office, Mine did as for when i went through introduction. I got my dose there for the first 3 days until she wrote me a scrip. maybe by talking to sub doctor they can give you your doses if you go in each day until your apt. and then let you pay for them on the day of your apt. just a thought. I know mine had them in office for new patients. hope you get some help somewhere, <3
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