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Default Pills vs film strips

An interesting thing has happened to me this month with my prescription. Since I first started Suboxone medication eight months ago, I have gotten the film strips every month. However, this month there was a substitute doctor at the treatment center I go to, and he wrote the script for the pills. I tried to tell the pharmacy that I have been getting the film, but the doctor had already left for the day so there was no way for them to call and confirm that with him. Also, I am on 12 mg which is one and a half film strips each day. The pharmacy said they looked it up and the manufacturer website states you are not supposed to cut the film strips in half. I know that is a load of crap and even tried to tell them that. The end result is that it was pretty much useless arguing with the pharmacy and I just took the pills and figured I could tough it out for one month.

Already, I notice a big difference in the pills.

  • The taste is stronger and nastier.
  • The pills cause a huge amount of spit to form in my mouth. I know I am supposed to leave it in my mouth as long as possible and not swallow it, so I end up sitting with a mouthful of saliva until I finally spit it out. It is very uncomfortable and annoying.
  • With the film strips, I wake up and put the film under my tongue. Then I go back to sleep and when I wake up half an hour later, the film is dissolved. That does not work with the pills. I wake up and most of the pill is still there under my tongue. The pills require moving around in the mouth to dissolve.
  • I also feel "off" just after a day. I am not craving or going through WDs. I just feel "off". It might be mental or the pills might be affecting me different. Not sure.
  • It also sucks having a bottle of pills sitting there. It totally brought back triggers of my active addiction.
Anyway, just thought I would share what happened to me and see if anyone had any similar experience with pills vs. film. It's definitely a learning experience and I will forever check the prescription before I leave the doctor to make sure he wrote the correct thing.

~ Bruce
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Hey Bruce,

First of all I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. Sometimes I think no matter how well I check a script something often gets past me. However, I found your post to be very interesting. Particularly the part where you said even in just 1 day you feel different, and I guess it's not a good different. Can you explain better what you mean by just "off" ?

This month I have to switch from the 8 mg tabs to the 2 mg tabs. And while I know they should be exactly the same, I am worried they won't be. Every time something like this happens, and I say the new pills are different and I don't feel the same, the doc and the pharmacist want me to explain in exactly what way is it different. I usually can't really put it into the proper words and so I end up being accused of something that isn't true. That's why I'm asking you to try to explain it. I'm not trying to give you a hard time. I just want to see what you say to explain what it means to feel "off"? Maybe it's the same thing I often feel and I can't describe.

Thank You.
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The same thing happened to me if anyone read my past post about the "not noticing the energy levels I had before" when I changed from Suboxone to Subutex the bottom line is IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD believe me I refused to believe that in the beginning to but the MIND is a POWERFUL thing you convince yourself you don't feel the same but there actually is no change. Except of course the spit thing and the saliva in your case with the pill over the film. But BUPRENORPHINE is BUPRENORPHINE....PERIOD! :-) I hope my opinion helped a little . Good Luck
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Hey Champ,

So does that mean you now feel exactly the same on Subutex as you did on Suboxone?
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Hey Jack I switched from the 8ml pills to the 2ml last week cause my doc switched me to a lower dose they are the exact same thing just a baby version no difference in the way they make you feel, except I am still depressed ,but not because of the pill just my life
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