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Default A Letter from your Addiction

This is copied from the internet. Don't know who to give credit to, but it is a jolt of reality, imo.

A letter from your addiction...

Dear Friend,
I've come to visit once again. I love to see you suffer mentally physically spiritually and socially. I want to have you restless so you can never relax. I want you jumpy and nervous and anxious. I want to make you agitated and irritable so everything and everybody makes you uncomfortable. I want you to be depressed and confused so that you can't think clearly or positively. I want to make you hate everything and everybody-especially yourself. I want you to feel guilty and remorseful for the the things you have done in the past that you'll never be able to let go. I want to make you angry and hateful toward the world for the way it is and the way you are. I want you to feel sorry for yourself and blame everything but your addiction for the way things are. I want you to be deceitful and untrustworthy, and to manipulate and con as many people as possible. I want to make you fearful and paranoid for no reason at all and I want you to wake up during all hours of the night screaming for me. You know you can't sleep without me; I'm even in your dreams.

I want to be the first thing you wake up to every morning and the last thing you touch before you black out. I would rather kill you, but I'll be happy enough if I can put you back in the hospital, another institution or jail. But you know that I'll still be waiting for you when you come out. I love to watch you slowly going insane. I love to see all the physical damage that I'm causing you. I can't help but sneer and chuckly when you shiver and shake, when you freeze and sweat at the same time, when you wake up with your sheets and blankets soaking wet.

It's amazing how much destruction I can do to your internal organs while at the same time, work on your brain, destroying it bit by bit. I deeply appreciate how much you sacrifice for me.

The countless good jobs you have sacrificed for me. All the fine friends that you deeply cared for-you gave them up for me. And what's more, for the ones you turned against yourself because of your inexcusable actions-I am more than grateful.

And especially your loved ones, your family, and the most important people in the world to you. You even threw them away for me. I cannot express in words the gratitiude I have for the loayalty you have for me. You sacrificed all these beautiful things in your life just to devote yourself completely to me. But do not despair my friend, for on me you can always depend. For after you have lost all these things, you can still depend on me to take even more. You can depend on me to keep you in living hell, to keep your mind, body and soul. FOR I WILL NOT BE SATISFIED UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD, MY FRIEND.

Faithfully yours,
Your addiction and drug of choice

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Kathleen C
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Wow! That was powerful! I am going to print this out and keep it in my pocket everyday...this was something I needed to read! I am done with this!!! So done. I can't do it anymore. It has taken everything out of me! And yet keeps taking! Thank you for this.
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wow nan i really can relate to that. but not i am happy with myself and my family is happy with me too. Thats all that matters to me today. Thank u so much for posting that!
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Glad this came back I love it. My son took off he never did come home. I told him he had to have a good honest heart to heart with dad and mom when he did come home. He will text he is going to rehab then he isn't. He is in the stage of fighting for control, when the reality is that he is more out of control than ever.

I texted this entire letter to him......I hope it gives him something to reflect on.

My daughter told me the other day, when I gave her a very similar letter I got off the internet, it was a changing moment for her. She has kept the letter ever sinse, and has shared it with others.

Thank You,


that was the longest text I ever did. Thankfully he has free unlimeted texting!
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nan, I am printing this off as I write this post to you. thankyou so much for it. It is one of th most powerful things I have ever read. I will read it to canen out loud today, so i know he hears every word. thanks so much
"Its you vs. you"
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Amazing and so frighteningly true. Thank you for sharing!
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yeah that made me cry. so true and well written. I'm posting it above my desk to read daily. thanks nan
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Default Sad:(

Scary some people need to read things like this to c somethings they r n denial about. Or to realize what's happening no to just them but there loved ones. Thanks for sharing!
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Yes..I read that a few years ago and after reading it again it reminded me how grateful I am today to be living and not having to worry about where I was going to get my next is good these days and after all is said and done I had to go through what I did to get to where I am at today...sure the past sucked but for me as I sit here its all about living for today.Thanks for your post!
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WOW! Thank you Nan! This letter will walk with me the rest of my life!
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This is crazy and true! I am going to re-post this onmy FB.
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Oh yeah,,,,this one gets ya in the heart.............. good reminder of where Ive been, and definitely not going back,,,,,feels good to be alive today =P
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I believe this might be a good time to refresh this thread. Remember, addiction is a disease that will kill if not treated. There is hope and there are many ways of beating addiction. The first step is admitting and deciding to do whatever it takes to get better. There is lots of help out there, look for whatever will help you! Don't ever give up.

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Love the post! Thanks nan
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This is great. I have copy of this from my first attempt at clinical detox and treatment hanging in my room. Way back in 2009. It didn't stick, but I left it up. Of course I avoided looking at it once I went back out. It sits right by the self-eulogy I had to right. I enjoy reading it though, thank you for posting it!
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I love this! Wowwwww so real to me.
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