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Default Weight gain/weight loss on opiates and Sub

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to talk about weight gain and weight loss on opiates and Sub. After gaining SO much weight on oxycontin, almost 25 pounds and having been thin all my life, it really devastated me to weigh so much. I did start losing weight slowly when I started on Sub. I actually relapsed a few times back to oyxcontin and every time, I gained all the weight back that I had lost on Sub. It was really frustrating, but also a very good deterrant NOT to relapse again.

So, since I have been stable on Sub, I once again started losing the weight. I drank a ton of water and also went to the gym. I would also go in the sauna to sweat out all the remaining toxins and water weight and it helped tremendously.

I know we are all different, and Sub affects everyone differently. I have heard some people gain weight on Sub. I know I still would not stop taking Sub even if I did not lose the weight but can certainly
understand anyone's concern if they do gain weight while on Sub. It is hard to feel good about yourself if you are overweight. Especially when you are making so many good life changes while on SUB.

One of the things that really helped me lose the weight, besides drinking a ton of water, exercising and going to the sauna was going on a high protein diet and dropped all white sugar and white flour. That made a HUGE difference! I could not believe how fast the weight came off when I stopped eating that. I know most good dieticians recommend not to eat anything with white sugar or white four but it is really difficult to do. Almost all processed foods contain both. I also am really surprised at how much better I feel since I stopped eating both of those things. My energy level is SO much better and even my mood is better. White sugar and white flour are really poison to the human body and not digested well and can cause your metabolism to really slow down. I know the more of it we eat though, the more our bodies crave it. It is almost an addiction in itself. It is really difficult NOT to eat though because you have to change your diet so much, and it does take a long time to adjust. Now if I eat even white bread, I can gain weight from just a couple of pieces of toast, it's amazing and then I really feel rotten for the rest of the day since my body is no longer used to it.

Just a thought. If anyone is struggling with their weight on Sub, try it and I promise you will notice a huge difference in as little as a week. Since I have made that change, I can eat almost anything else, and tons of it and not gain weight.

oh - just one more hint. I know it may be difficult to live without white sugar, but artifical sweetners such as aspartime, nutrasweet, etc, are even worse than white sugar. I will try and find the article I just read about dieters trying to lose weight and switching from sugar to artificial sweeteners and they gained even more weight than people that stuck to white sugar. If I need a real sugar boost, I eat raisins, although I know a lot of people do not like raisins. I use natural honey in everything that requires sugar and it works well. Another really good weight loss aid is green tea. I do not really know why, but it is!

Hope some of this is helpful, I know how depressing weight gain can be expecially if you are used to being thin.

Let me know if you have any other questions or cooking suggestions.
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Default opiates and craving sweets

Good Morning Lizzy,

Thanks for bringing attention onto our weight, and the curse of white sugar and flour...I too was thin all my life, high energy, did my aerobics, and was very careful what I ate...but once I got on opiates all that changed. I always had used one small spoon of sugar in my coffee, but that was okay because that is the only time I used sugar and my coffee intake was 2 cups a day...Every year in the last 6 I have put on at least 5 lbs. and I know it is all from sugar...I can't eat white flour, or stomach bloats...I think the opiates make us crave sugar, and then they constipate us too...what a bad combo.

Since I can't swim right now, "pool still closed for that" I'm doing water aeorbics 3 times a week...It is not a workout that raises my heart rate so I'm not burning fat. It is geared more for strengthening muscles..I really focus on posture, as I have lost an inch in height and I think poor posture has contributed. WEll hell, my whole body got out of shape, and my diet went down the tubes...especially the last 2 years, when I really starting abusing...not that I ate so much, jsut the wrong things at the wrong time. I got really addicated to the International Flavoured coffee cream,,,I swear they put something in that to make it addictive...the year I lived with my daughter she made me quit...she is so tough on me for my own like our roles are reversed...No mom you can't smoke, "well of course not around the baby or in the house or car, but she even denied letting me hold him if my cloths smelled of smoke" good for her and good for me...I lost weight, didn't smoke and felt so much better...then coming back here to NS, being alone, old habits come back...

I have made the switch to Stevia, which they sell in health food's a sugar substitute..and is suppose to be took some getting use to but I had to kick the sugar as much as I could...

I take green tea capsules, 2 twice a day, and I am taking an internal flush product, taken at night and is suppose to be good for cleansing and removing fat...I am carrying all my weight in my tummy..the place where stress fat is created, caused by the production of cortisol, a bad hormone...for me it is becasue I have lived with so much stress these past several years, being addicted, beign so far from my daughters, money worries, trying to sell this hosue...That is still a major stressor in my life, but I have to make peace with staying one more year...Give me the time I need to heal and try and get off the sub...if I can...and hopefully next spring will be better for selling..

Anyway just my morning rant....gee..I have been sweating so much...I sweat all night long, I don't need a sauna for that...

I'm still addicted to the flavoured coffee cream, but now I am doing only half that and half, 10%, and I am using the Stevia, and today is day 6 without a cigarette...I had a really really really hard day yesterday, and I know a lot of it was because I couldn't feel settled no matter what...probably the not smoking more than anything. Very emotional. I really want to feel better, and be the best I can be. Too many wasted years....

I am on a mission ....

have a great day Lizzy

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To me it was the opposite, when I was getting high, I was at a healthier weight then now. And now that im on day 13 NO subs, I hoped on the scale yesterday and Was like DAMN, I lost more weight. Pretty soon im going to look like a meth head, hopefully my appetite comes back with a vengeance....
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When I was on opiates.. I lost a ton of weight.. I barely ate. I was down to 138 which was the smallest I was. When I was 16, I weighed 275 but bulimia took care of that and I went down to 155 senior year. I'm now 185 after my pregnancy and pissed off lol I work out at a gym and it is VERY hard for me to drop a lb. Jeez. But I bet if I fixed my eating habits it'll benefit me big time. Thanks for the info
Just remember, Life goes on..
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Red face trs031

Congradulations on no Subs for 13 days....if you don't mind sharing, what is that like? How long were you on the sub and what dose, and how did you do your taper....I want to beleive I can be off it too one day as I would like to be able to travel or whatever and not worry about needing pills....So the more info I can get from people who are opiate free completely the better....

Darn didn't make my aerobic class and I really was looking forward to that, but my car needed a new muffler and the guy called just befor eI was leaving and if I wanted it fixed I had to take it then...or wait till next was backfiring and just sounded like it

Car is fixed...I'm hot and sweaty.....does anyone else sweat everyday...and especially as soon as I lay my head down on the pillow at night I start to sweat...I've been keeping a fan blowing on me all night, but I think my muscles are stiffening because of that....and then there are the truly I am a wreck....

everyone have a great day

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Default A goof on my part

That emoticon thing was suppose to go at the end beside my name to indicate , me a wreck sweating, and not in the title....sorry trs I didn't mean to suggest anything by it... I thought they go were the cursor is anyway just wanted to sort that out.

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I know there has been a good deal of research on weight gain/loss on ORT.
There is a doctor in Chicago (Mark Shinderman) who looked at trying to control weight gain on methadone patients with medications. My clinic doc at the time rad some of his (Shinderman's) papers and agreed to prescribe one (amantadine). I tried it awhile and quit due to the side effects.
Tom S.
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I had the opposite problem because I was super skinny before bupe. I don't know if this is true, but I believe I gained 10 lbs when I went on because my body wasn't getting rid of food as fast. I didn't have constipation issues before sub and don't have them any longer now that I am off it. I did however have a pregnancy on sub and gained 85 lbs. That really sucked for me. Maybe it was my fault though. I have only lost about half of it so I am normal weight but I like to be on the low side of normal and I like to my BMI to be 19, that's where I am most comfy. I truly think that being on sub, even though I was eating right and exercising and nursing wouldn't let me lose the weight I deserved too. Now I am hoping to get to my goal by the new year.
I really don't get how people gain while abusing? I mean how can you even eat anything? And if you did, didn't you throw up a lot from the pills? I know I always threw up. I guess they made me nauseous.
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