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Hi my name is Will K. Im 21 years old and Im a recovering drug addict. Im currently on the suboxone treatment and my doctor recommended that I utilize this website during my treatment. Im supposed to post a message daily and participate in a chat weekly. I have figured out how to join a chat and I realize that Im posting a message right now but Im confused on whether or not I am posting it in the right place or if Im supposed to respond to something that someone else has said. I see that other people have posted their experience strength and hope and I look forward to doing the same. I'd like to post my story but Im not sure where to do so. Ive never used a message forum or a chatroom, and Im not the best when it comes to computers. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know. I dont know how ill find the response but that would be a big help. Thanks.
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Hi Will, welcome. That's great you found out how to get into chat. There's non-step chats 3 nights a week also:

Feel free to post to other people if you have something you'd like to share with them regarding their posts; post any questions, concerns, etc. you have. It's up to you how you'd like to utilize the forum. This link might help you also, it explains a bit more how the forum works:

If you'd like to post your story, we have a separate forum called "My Thread". It can be for your story, or you can use it as an online journal. Only you can post in the thread you start, so don't use it if you have questions, because no one can respond in your personal thread. Here's that forum:

I hope that helps. Please let us know of any questions.

Again, welcome.

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Default Welcome Will

This Thursday will be 2 weeks for me on Suboxon and I just started posting 10 days ago. I was nervous at first but the people on this site are awesome. They have offered me encouragement when I needed it, adivice when I sought it and just a hand to hold when I felt like a loser and alone. Just post what your experiencing and going through and a bunch of wonderful people will respond. You are not alone. There's more of us than you thought and we really care. Hope to hear from you agin soon. Take care-rick
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