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Default Suboxone for alcohol addiction?

My son is 8.5 months clean from heroin - YEAH!! We are so very thankful and know that suboxone is a big part of his sobriety. After years of struggling with his addiction, I find myself very unwilling to trust him but I do try to not let him know this too much. Here's my question: his girlfriend is also on Sub. Her main DOC was alcohol, although she did get deeply into heroin with him. He claims that the Sub, while mainly for her heroin addiction, is also helpful in keeping her off alcohol. Could this be true?? I had only heard of Sub for opioid addicts. They are both receiving their prescriptions thru the state and I am just so afraid that they might sell them. They are both regularly drug tested, attend NA meetings and counseling so I do believe that they are clean. I just worry that if they were selling some of them it just continues the cycle of using, selling, illegal activity, etc.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi worriedmom, congratulations! That's great news! There have been people here who say that since starting Suboxone they have no interest in drinking or if they do, they only have one or two and that's it - they don't want any more. So, that could be what's happening with her. Hopefully they're just moving on in their recoveries and using Suboxone as a tool - which it looks like they are - and not selling it.

Have they bought any new, expensive things that would make you think that it's a possibility? Hopefully not.

Thanks for a great update! I hope this helped.

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Thank you Nancy for your reply. It is so good to hear that. I just hate the fact that I am still so distrustful but I know time will help. No, they don't appear to be buying anything, in fact they have very little and are just getting by.
Anyway, we are just so happy that he is clean. It's been a long, hard road for all of us, my son especially.
Thanks again,
Worried mom
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I'm 23 years old and i was addicted to opiods for 5 years. i started with percocet/oxycontin and swore i would never use heroin. i used pills for the first 3 years and when i thought things couldnt possibly get any worse than it is right now, i didn't think there was a difference anymore, and started shooting dope.

in between this whole time i had a few periods of time where id buy suboxone on the street and ween myself off of it. after a couple weeks of being stone sober i would always relapse. staying on suboxone is the only way to keep sobriety.

a month and a half ago i finally got my perscription legally through a doctor. i had just got insurance through my job. i was never able to do that before. ive been on my own since i was 16.

ive been sober since september of 2009 and had a baby with my girlfriend in december. this whole time from september to april i had to buy suboxone on the street. if i didnt have friends that also use to use and have extra pills to sell me i probably wouldnt be clean right now. and me buying these pills from this people didnt want me to go anywhere near that life again. i love my son so much and would never jeopardize my relationship with him for anything.

since i got sober, the bar scene and drinking isnt my thing anymore either, i used to drink everyday. now i hate it.

im sure if he sold any of them they would be to someone who needs it and at the same time he's not going to screw himself by being short pills at the end of the month.

if he doesnt thing you trust him, in his eyes he might as well being doing drugs, because you wouldnt think any different anyways.

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Dear RobV,
Thanks for the insight. I really had not looked at it that way. I understand what you are saying about not trusting him and I do try really hard to not let him know. But it is very difficult after so many years of Lies! It is so great to have him around again and I guess I just have to try to take it one day at a time and appreciate where he is now versus where he was a year ago.

Good for you to make the changes in your life!! It is so great to hear of the succes stories. You are so very lucky to have a son! Your story sounds very similar to my son's and his sober date is September 2009 as well. Keep up the good work and thank you again.
Worried mom
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I have this horrible disease of addiction as well as my daughter. I have been in recovery and on suboxone for 18 months. I have turned my life around, and am the wife, mother and friend I used to be. I am slowly earning trust back by my actions. A few times my husband has looked at me and said or you O.K. I knew exactly what he meant and was a bit offended, but I brought this on, and hey what if I wasn't "o.k." I need someone to call me out on my sh_ _. As our brains recover we do get better in time, but I still don't know how long that will be.

My daughter went to treatment last September (we never used together) and has been drug free. She did not use suboxone and she hadn't been addicted as long as dear old mom. I was worried, but her program was great. She is in voc rehab so she is drug tested every week. All test have been negative. She is starting to attend parties where alcohol is serverd (never her thing) however she knows if she drinks she may use poor judgement when it comes to other things. I worry, but she is young and needs a social life. She still has fun, and when she see's others out of control she is happy that her life is not like that anymor. She is getting tired of being the designated driver, but is glad everyone has a safe ride home. She has also told me, if my old behaviors begin to appear call me out on it. And this is not just the drug part, but old behaviors such as lying, not dealing with issues, not going to work etc. I want to trust her, but am almost afraid I will set myself up for dissapointment. When I do say something that sound like I am questioning her, she gets angry and then I remind her that is what she told me to do. As addicts we our are own worse enemy's if you know what I mean...If you are not seeing anything out of the ordinary, like new purchases and what ever behavior he had in the past, chances are things are good. Be sure to keep praising him for all he has accomplished, so he knows he has your support. If in question this is a great place to come and share your concerns. We have all been there and done that. (masters of deception) of course we are pretty much the only one's who believe our own lies!

I hope you will stay and post, it gives us a view from the other side!

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When I was on suboxone for the "first" time (It's my second time around) I got to the point that I didn't want anything that took away from my peaceful "just being me" feeling. I didn't need anything to help me get through my day. I took my suboxone and forgot about it. I was able to lead a fulfilling exciting looking forward to every day kind of life. It's amazing when you're blocking those cravings what you can accomplish and feel normal doing it!
Good Luck!
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