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Default problem getting it at walgreens.

I just called my local walgreens and they said sub. was on back order. I didn't believe the pharmacist as I have had problems with her in the past. So I called around and the 10 closest walgreens said the same thing. None of them could tell me how long it would be before they would know when they would get it. Anyone else having this problem with walgreens?
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do you mean the generic subutex
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Hi lonney, if it's the generic for subutex, people have been having problems at a lot of different pharmacies. The people at Roxane Laboratories (generic manufacturer) had said that they might not be able to fill all the backorders until the beginning of May.

Have you tried any other pharmacies?

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Yes it was the generic subutex and the pharmacist gave me an attitude the last time I was there. I wonder if it was because of the type of medication. It wouldn't surprise me. There are alot of judgmental people out there, but a pharmacist should know better...shame on her.
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Hi to all. Just wanted to let everyone know that I just picked up my 30 tabs of generic subutex 8mg at my local Walgreens in Marietta, Ga. I had some trouble finding my last 30 tabs a few weeks ago but I just called around to every Walgreens in a 10 mile radius from my home. The pharmacist said that it was her last 30 tabs!! I was happy. My dr gives me a script for 120 tabs 8mgs a month. So today I went to Walgreens website logged into my account and requested a refill. I requested it to be ready by 5pm this afternoon and around 4:30pm I get a text message telling me that it was ready and the price $107.99 (w/Walgreens insurance, mine sucks and that's a whole other story). I just wanted to let everyone know my expierence. Pls let me know if I can assist anyone.
Take care and good night!!!
Angipooh )
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Hey all. I just got 21 tablets of suboxone and it was $30 Copay and said I saved like $176.01 wow that stuff is expensive. Usually I pay $12 copay for generics and @20 for Name brand. Cant wait for a generic here. I hope its as good!

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Enjoy it! I lost my insurance and my script (90 tabs) now costs $704!!
Tom S.
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