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Default Ladies Only Please :)

I just turned 24 and there is no way I could be pregnant but havent gotten a menstrual cycle since started suboxone. This scares me for many reasons, do you think it could be the suboxone? Always were on time in the past, well except one time... I have a beautiful daughter only 18 months! Could that be why? I couldnt nurse her so starting getting normal periods for over a year now. Also I have only been on suboxone 3 months.
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Hi amanda1605, Quick answer is that it's happened to many women either on full agonists or Suboxone. Some even get the opposite effect of periods closer together.

I recently posted this to Sunny Rae in this thread:

Originally Posted by NancyB View Post
Hi Sunny Rae, some women have experienced different things with their periods. You're also under a lot of stress, and that can delay them too.

Here are some threads.

About menstrual cycles in general:
The first listed in that link is stress.

you have a late period and a negative pregnancy test, then consider whether or not you've recently been sick, gained or lost a significant amount of weight, have been under excessive stress or have taken any new medications. All of these things can affect your menstrual cycle and cause you to have irregular periods. Additionally, certain types of birth control, including the birth control pill, Depo-Provera and Norplant, can cause you to have menstrual cycles disturbances.

Why does being stressed out cause irregular periods?

When we are under stress, regardless of the source (danger, personal relationships, work, environment) our adrenal glands are designed to secrete the hormone cortisol (see our articles on adrenal fatigue). Cortisol has a direct impact on the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA. Eating disorders, dieting, drug use, and reliance on stimulants like caffeine and alcohol are also interpreted by the body as kinds of stress. Poor nutrition seems to physically change the proteins in the brain so they can no longer send the proper signals for normal ovulation.

I hope that helps.


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