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Default Has anyone had surgery while on Suboxone?

I am having a hysterectomy tomorrow and have been on Suboxone treatment for over 2 years. My dr told me to go of the sub for a few days prior to the surgery, but I am worried that my tolerence will be way to high. Has anyone here had surgery while on Suboxone? Can you please tell me what to expect? I am terrified that I am going to be in extreme pain.

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Hi Shanie! Welcome to our forum! I have NOT had to have surgery but many others here have and hopefully will jump in soon! I do know that when I thought I was going to have to have surgery I talked to my Suboxone Dr. and informed the surgeon that I was on suboxone and would have talked to the anathesioligist before I was to have the surgery! It is important that we let ALL our Drs. know what we are on! I know that it is humbling to do that! But.....the only way to treat pain properly is for everyone to be informed! Pain can be managed while on Suboxne treatment. There are steps to be taken and if your Dr. is given proper instructiuons you will NOT have trouble. IF on the other hand he is NOT informed you may suffer needlessly! HE won't understand what he is treating! DON'T do this to yourself! Nancy will guide you to all the information that your Dr. needs to know if he is not informed! So be sure to print the info for him and give it to him. okay! Good luck! You will be fine! I had a sponsee that had a hysterectomy and was in the hospital for 3 days.....medicated properly and then went home without ANY opiates! She took motrin for pain but actually only had 3 doses of that! She said the pain was manageable! This BTW is a woman who had surgery after surgery on her belly in prior years while taking massive amounts of opiates and NEVER could get proper pain control! Then she was in recovery for six months and her Dr.s said she HAD to have a hyserectomy! She was paniced about pain control and going back to active addiction! NONE of her fears came true! She worked the program hard! Set up in advance her support system and got through the procedure with NO problems! Actually said it went better than ANY surgery she had ever far as pain management went!
You will be fine! Just set up your support system and stay in recovery! okay
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Hi shanie and welcome. Here's the link to which Ang spoke:

It gives information on pain management and Suboxone.

What dose are you on, and when did you stop taking it?

As Ang also said, it's important that your Suboxone doctor be in touch with your surgeon and anesthesiologist so that you'll have proper care and pain management.

Wishing you the best for your surgery.

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