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Default YES YOU CAN!

On March 31,2008, my son started suboxone. He had spent two years on methadone after a long time addiction to pain pills. He tapered from a high of 95mgs methadone daily down to 10 mgs, went through 3 days of WDs and then started sub. He quickly built up to a high of 16mgs and then began an immediate taper. He tapered slowly down to .25 mgs a day and then began skipping. First every other day and then two, three. four and five skips between doses. Toward the end he did experience some WDs- mostly some sleeplessness and a few days of strong craving. To make a long story short, he is now 129 days off Methadone/ 126 days on Suboxone with 30 of those days skipped AND he is DONE. He hasn't taken anything for the past 13 days and has felt wonderful for the last 5 days- "normal" he says! His plan was to be done by his wedding which will be on 8/8/08. Looks like he's made it. He knows there will be challenges ahead but he is just so happy and thankful to be free and feeling well!
I would like to thank the many contributers here who have provided guidance and inspiration. And I hope this post will provide some reassurance to those who are still struggling - YES YOU CAN!
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My husband was recently able to do an extremely quick detox and taper with Suboxone. So far,he feels good. A little bit uncomfortable physically, but still not as bad as if he would have went C/T. So I guess it really is possible to be successful short term. Congrats to your son!!!
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Hi lovepat906, congratulations to your son. That's great that he knows there will be challenges and by realizing that, he'll be better equipped to handle them if/when they come up.

My best to you, your son and your daughter-in-law to be.

Cherrycreeper, that's great that your husband was able to do a quick taper. Congrats to him too.

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Great Post ! That is good news Lovepat906 and CC : )
Lovepat please keep us posted on your son's progress- tell him Congrats! Take Care - Isa
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