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join medco at and get cheaper subs. click on the medco rx discount prog to join. their price for mail in suboxone 8mg x 90 pills is 440.27 thats 4.89 a pill! for the 2mg is it 249.62 for 90 of them, thats 2.77 a pill!

for subutex 8mg it is 554.04 for 90 8mg pills thats 6.15 a pill. and for the 2mg it is 289.82 for 90 of them thats 3.22 a pill. these prices arn't bad at all considering what some people pay.

medco is doing a comp 12 month free membership so if u pay cash for ur subs id join. its cheaper i think if u do it that way. also if u do the 3 month thing its even a few cents cheaper. best wishes...
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do you have to ask your doctor if you can get it threw a mail order drug thing ? or can you just do it ? iv never used a mail order drug store how does it work ??
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u can do it one month at a time all u gotta do is send the script to them i thiink the doc can fax it. but id have a few days supply on hand before doign taht u kno cause u dont wanna run out.
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suboxone sam
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my plan needs no contact from doctor but if your doctor is writing a script for 180 pills he can kind of tell its more than a 30 day supply. methadone you can only get 30 days at a time the only exception to the CII 30 day drug rule is ritalin you can get 2 months of that at a time.
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