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Default imodium for withdrawals?

is this true?

A lot of people use imodium (loperamide) to help ease the acute wd symptoms of the sub wds (or any other opioid). IMODIUM IS NOT JUST TAKEN TO REDUCE/ELIMINATE DIARRHEA . Imodium/loperamide was actually formulated with synthetic molecules similar to demerol which is a VERY powerful synthetic opioid
is it addictive? why is it OTC if so?
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Hey agreed, I posted this exact question right after you did. I tried to use the search feature for imodium but couldn't get it to work. I am going to get some to see if it will help me this weekend, I go to the Dr. on Monday.
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Immodium OTC is slightly similar molecular structure to opioids I think but its not the same thing, you can't get high or even develop a tolerance I believe.. I've been taking prescription loperamide for several years due to IBS (not anymore though.. the sub stopped those problems too)... There is another drug starting with immo*** something and they only give it to you in the hospital and that you can develop a dependance to I believe..

I know someone else can provide better info than this but this is what I understood...
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Yes Immodium ad can help with w/d symptoms When they were making that drug they were trying to develop a opiate that was non addictive but since it does not cross the blood brain barrier it does not work like a opiate. I believe if you look at the chemical structure of immodium and fentanyl they are almost the same, give or take a molecule or so
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god. i wouldnt touch immodium with a ten foot pole, especially because im on suboxone. i would probably be constipated for a year if i took them together!
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I'm taking about 5 immodiums a day these last few days haha. I'm still off sub these last few days and that's why they are saving my a$$ *haha literally*

Immodium and clonodine are like god on earth right now.
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