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Default Taking Klonopin while on Suboxone

Good morning to all,
I have been taking 16mgs of suboxone since 12-01-06. One 8mg in the morning and one 8mg 12 hours later. Anyway, my doctor prescribed me Klonopin for panic attacks I was having. They were the 1mg pills. He gave me 60 pills to take 2 a day. The Klonopin did NOTHING for me. I mean I even took 4 pills at one time and NOTHING. Does anyone know if suboxone blocks the effects of benzos??? I swear I've taken Xanax before and they worked. Anyone with experience or knowledge on this topic PLEASE reply. I need to find a medication for panic attacks and my doctor will not give me Xanax. Thanks. Kevin.
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Suboxone does not block the effect of benzo's. 2 different drugs 2 totally different ways of working. I take xanax and have no problem. Since Klonopin is a long acting benzo it is not like xanax it dosent "hit" right away and it has a long half life. That is why u might not be getting any effect out of them . Maybe you can talk to you doctor and he could put you on a equivalent dose of some other benzo
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No need to post this topic twice saved.

But since you have, I will re-post my original reply to your last post.

quote:Originally posted by savedbysub94

I am fairly new to this forum, so first off let me say, Good morning to all and thank you for the support of this forum for us suboxone patients. It really does help. Now to te problem at hand. I have been on Suboxone since 12-01-06, taking 1 8mg tablet in the morning and 1 8mg tablet in the evening. My doctor has prescribed me 1mg Klonopin to be taken every 8 hours. My question is does Suboxone block the effects of Klonopin to any extent. It doesn't seem to be working at all and I am afraid that if I take more than I am prescribed something bad (medically) can happen. Anyone with knowledge about this please post here or email me at
Thank You. Kevin.


Great to have you here, welcome to the board and congratulations on your success thus far!

Buprenorphine (Main active ingredient in Suboxone), does not act on the same receptors that Benzodiazepines (Klonopin/Clonazepam, Xanax/Alprazolam, Valium/Diazepam, etc.) do, therefore, Suboxone has no effect on your Klonopin and vice versa. Although, to a certain extent, people who abuse benzodiazepines have been known to take higher than prescribed doses to try and get a high from either their methadone or Suboxone dose. So if anything, the Klonopin may effect the Suboxone by making it a bit more sedating.

I have a feeling that if you seem like the Klonopin isn't working as well as you remember, that it is strictly a placebo effect, mostly because you weren't sure if one had an effect on the other; but now you do, and I hope everything works out for you!

Sounds like you have everything under control and are doing great!

Keep up the good work and please don't hesitate to ask anymore questions you may have!

Take care!


Take care and have a Happy Easter!

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IMO---see it??

I think taking 4 Klonopins at once to see if you feel something is dangerous addict s***. I had to WD from Xanax along with my Opiates when I started sub and the WD from Xanax was so much worse than the Opiates. I had to be on Neurontin to avoid seizures and my sub doc had to watch me closer. Just trust me, it was bad. I only took around 8 Xanax a day and this is what it did to me.

Kevin, if it's doing nothing for you, than why take it? I would ask your doctor for a different anti-anxiety med as there are several that do not have any mood altering components. I take Trazadone as do quite a few other people on this site and it works very well for me. I haven't had a panic attack since my 1st month into recovery.

Take good care of yourself,
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Another anti anxiety med that may work or is at least worth trying is vistaril. It is commonly used in rehabs as an anti anxiety.
"What is Vistaril (hydroxyzine)?

Hydroxyzine depresses activity in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), which causes relaxation and relief from anxiety. Therefore, hydroxyzine is used to treat anxiety disorders and tension in stressful situationsbefore surgery, for example.

Hydroxyzine may also increase the effects of other medicines, such as pain relievers and sedatives, so it is useful after surgery also.

Hydroxyzine is also an antihistamine. It blocks the effects of the naturally occurring chemical histamine in your body. This makes hydroxyzine useful for treating allergic conditions, especially those that involve the skin, such as hives, itching, and rashes."

Also of course used commonly is clonidine.
"What is clonidine?

Clonidine lowers blood pressure by decreasing the levels of certain chemicals in your blood. This allows your blood vessels (veins and arteries) to relax (widen) and your heart to beat more slowly and easily.

Clonidine is used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure).
Although not approved by the FDA for these purposes, clonidine has also been used to relieve alcohol withdrawal, as an aid in methadone and opiate detoxification, as an aid in quitting smoking, to treat diabetic diarrhea, to treat Tourettes Syndrome, to reduce menopausal flushing, to treat postherpetic neuralgia, to treat ulcerative colitis, and to diagnose pheochromocytoma."

A little less commonly used for anxiety/headache, but widely used for diarhea/nausea is phenergan.
"Phenergan is used for:
Relieving allergy symptoms, including hives and nasal congestion. It is used to prevent and control pain and nausea during and after surgery. It is also used to help produce light sleep, and for the prevention of motion sickness. Phenergan is not to be used to treat asthma. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor."

Just some additional options that I know of..wish you the best of luck and feel better soon..
I would like to add that there is also a wealth of info and ways to control anxiety without meds, some we have discussed here at length over time, I am going to paste another anxiety thread we had just in case there might be some use to you in it..
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benzos are DANGEROUS with bupe. they can cause u to essentually get loaded. i learned this early on causing me so much pain that i dont care to take back anytime soon or ever. withdrawl from benzos is HELL. way worse than the mental part of opiates. i do not suggest the use of benzos with bupe cause it can take u out of u. our goal here is to stay normal and not get high, and taking benzos with this drug is about the same effect as using them with methadone or any other opiate, it will take u out of u, and if they dont do anything then dont take them. cause benzos are not to be messed with esp by an addict cause we do things like substute drugs when we find something that will take us out of us, and like opiates before u know it ull be physcally hooked and looking at some form of withdrawl to stop using. god bless
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Default pheochromocytoma

Originally Posted by bmaru View Post
Clonidine is used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure).
Although not approved by the FDA for these purposes, clonidine has also been used to relieve alcohol withdrawal, as an aid in methadone and opiate detoxification, as an aid in quitting smoking, to treat diabetic diarrhea, to treat Tourettes Syndrome, to reduce menopausal flushing, to treat postherpetic neuralgia, to treat ulcerative colitis, and to diagnose pheochromocytoma."
Hi bmaru, do you have some other resources / etc. about pheochromocytoma? Any pheochromocytoma info?
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isurvivedsocanyou, your posts were moved to a new thread, please click on the link below:

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