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Default Do you develop a tolerance for Suboxone?

Do you develop a tolerance for Suboxone as with regular opiates?

I started on Suboxone 13 days ago at 8mg a day. The first 3 days I felt a little high, the next 5 days I had speedy, reved up side effects and the last few days I have felt very normal. I am wondering if this is just me "settling in" (if that even happens) or am I developing a tolerance? I guess the only way to find out is to wait and see.

I have noticed a lot of people on this site started out on a lower dose and increased after a while. I am wondering if this is due to tolerance as well.


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The first few days I felt a little off, now I feel nothing but maybe a little raise in my body heat, like a little warmth. It's kinda like taking tylenol for me now. So yes, you will eventually feel practically nothing at all from taking your dose.
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In the beginning you can develop some tolerance but you quickly reach the limit (within two weeks) and donテδεつεδづつεδεつづδづつεδεつεδづつ づδεつづδづつづδεつεδづつεδεつづδづつづ δεつεδづつづδεつづδづつ稚 continue to develop more tolerance. I was on maintenance for over two years, before beginning my taper, and I found I actually needed less sub as time went on.
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Hi Charlotte, and welcome.
At first some might get increases until they reach the dose that stabilizes them. Otherwise at least for me I have increased to alliviate chronic pain.
How you are doing alright otherwise. This forum is an excellent place for information and support. Hope you stay.
Take care,
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Thanks Susan!

The one consistency I have noticed from reading this board is that there are no consistencies. Everyone is different. I love the information I am getting here. It helps a lot. Suboxone has done wonders for me so far. It's a *huge* life improvement. It's so wonderful to wake up every morning and not have to struggle with the using/not using war and being constantly dissapointed with myself because I always lost the battle.

I just wish I had not waited so long to get on it!

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Default of the very interesting things that I have seen happen with most people on Sub is that they actually want to take less and less instead of more and more. In fact, many talk about it as the "less is more" concept of Sub. When I first started it was at 8mg and I definately felt a "high" from it, but that quickly became more of a "normal" in just a few days. Probably best to stick with the dose your doctor recommended for now....but my guess is that in short order, you will be talking to him about lowering your dose. Just my guess....nothing more.
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My experiance was that when i first started i felt a warmth and feeling of wellbeing. i'm on it eight months now and i dont think it gives me any feelings but it does continue to stop my cravings.
I went from 8 mg a day to 32 mg a day. now i'm ready to taper and feel very secure with lowering my dose. but it is different for everybody. best of luck with a healthy successful recovery.
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