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Terry Mohr
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Default Migraine Headaches and Suboxone/Subutex

I was wondering if anyone out there uses sub for migraine headache affliction. Since migraine headaches come and go with degrees of severity, the ceiling effect of sub might not reach that highest plateau of pain for migraine sufferers. Sometimes it may require higher doses of short term medication to combat the pain. My friend is tired of the narcotic side effects consistent with not being able to think clearly not to mention his increased need for the medication from addiction. Thank you all for your thoughts. Terry
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Frankly, for real migraines, narcotics in any form are a terrible choice since they can cause major rebound effects.

Your friend, if he truly has migraines, needs to look into medications like imitrix or maxalt. I've had migraines for years and narcotics are horrible for trying to treat those.
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Far from helping, I've found that at too high a dose, Suboxone actually contributes to my mirgraines (possibly the cause? the blocker? who knows...). I was suprised at how well ibuprofen works now that i am on suboxone. Anyway, that's just my experience. Hope it helps somehow!
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Terry Mohr
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Heidi and Opiatedeficient, thank you very much for your input, especially the other choices offered. Hopefully my friend is reading and can make his choices based on your experiences. Perhaps my friend hasn't tried imitrix or maxalt and can try those instead. Thank you once again...... Terry
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I have also had migraines for years. Narcotics do not help, unless it's out of control and I have to go to the ER to get knocked out (about once every 2 years). Imitrex almost always does the trick, with suppositories for nausea and ice packs around the clock until gone.

I have noticed since starting treatment, the frequency is less. I am sure that is because many were rebound headaches from narcotics.

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