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Default Knee surgery

Going in Friday after for work done on my meniscus. That's the cartlige inside your knee. Been having problems for about a month with swelling having it drained twice. The orthopedic doctor I'm seeing is trying to give me pain killers and I keep turning it down. They want me to stay off it but with four kids, that's not an option. I'm pretty sure there gonna shoot me up with something when they cut me open and the recovery is painful taking about two weeks. Now how do I keep my body clean of drugs in a situation like this. I see my doctor Monday and I'll let him know what is happening. Real don't want to take anything but I guess I'll leave that up to my doctor. Just don't want to screw up what I've been working on for months now. Any thoughts?
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Hi briantheplumber, sorry to hear you're having surgery. Is it tomorrow or next Friday? I had responded to you in your other post when you posted about pain, I included a link on bupe and surgery:

I'm glad you talking with your doctor to find out options you might have. If you do end up taking up pain meds, do you have someone who can hold them for you when you get home so you won't be tempted? You'll also have to stop the bupe before surgery so that pain meds do work. What dose are you currently taking?

Deanna had two neck fusion surgeries without pain meds, so that might be an option. Here's a post telling how she did it:

Originally Posted by deanna View Post
I have a suggestion too. I went through two different neck fusion surgeries and I was very concerned about pain control. I didnt want to take any narcotics because I thought it would "fuel the fire" so I talked to the anest. doctor about what I could do. He suggested if the pain got really bad, and the bupe didnt work I could take an opioid called Nubain that would work along with taking suboxone. It is used in labor and delivery mostly, because it doesnt pass through the placenta to the baby . I had toradol Iv, which is one of the strongest non-narcotic pain relievers out there, and then I did end up getting a shot of Nubain, but didnt want to keep doing it, because yes, I FELT it. And it brought back memories of the wonderful euphoria of an opiate. So, I felt guilty and went back to Toradol the rest of the time.
I dont know what type of surgery you are having, but mine was 6 hours long, and I had 8 screws drilled into my neck vertebra, and a plate put in. It was supposed to be a very painful surgery, and while yes, it hurt, it turns out I could handle way more than I thought. Also, they gave me Ativan every 6 hours to keep me calm when the pain got bad. That was no problem for me, benzos are not an issue when I needed them.
The main reason I am posting to you is to tell you if you go this route you will not need to worry about stopping your suboxone at all, and having withdrawals before your surgery. You also wont have to worry about stopping hydro for 2 days before getting back on suboxone, cause you wont have to ever stop taking it. win win situation. So, those are my suggestons for you. good luck.
That might be an option. Please also make sure you tell the ortho that it will be difficult for you stay off of it after the surgery. Maybe they can suggest some sort of brace or something that will help in your situation.

I hope that's helpful. Let us know.

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hope everything goes good keep your head up and stay strong god bless have a nice weekend
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