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Default Hello Again

Hello Everyone,
I am back again. Started Suboxone treatment again a few days ago. After a few times of trying to do things ass backwards, I have decided to give what once worked for over five years another try. I have been struggling with insurance issues not paying for strips, and will hopefully be ok'ed by my doc to use Zubsolv instead, which is covered after a prior auth. pain in the butt. Its been so frustrating because these problems never existed before- hopefully they will blow over soon. I will take some discount script cards in to the pharmacy tomorrow in hopes of getting my sub price down if the Zubsolv is a problem (which it should not be). Im plaaning on utilizing the site as much as possible again because it worked so well to keep me grounded in the past.
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Hi hairgirl,

Welcome back! I've just been around since July, but I've sure gotten a lot of support and good advice from this forum. Good luck and keep posting.

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Hi hairgirl, Welcome back. I think I read on here somewhere that Zubsolv has a coupon that gives a couple dollars off per Zubsolv. You might want to check there sight if they have one or read other posts on this site about it.
Of course anyone taking Suboxone can go to Suboxone sight and get the 50 dollars off coupon.
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Hi hairgirl! Welcome back. We've heard of a few people here saying their insurance no longer covers the strips but will cover Zubsolv. Can you call your doctor's office on Monday to see if they can expedite a Pre authorization for the Zubsolv? Do you know if you'll have a copay on the Zubsolv - if so, they have a discount card and maybe it will take care of that for you too.

But as far as getting the film, here's the link to the Suboxone discount card:

nan had good luck with this card, I'm not sure if you can use the two together, but may as well try.

Let us know what happens when you have time.

Look forward to 'seeing' you around.

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Default Hello Again

Hair girl.. I remember reading your older posts.
You did very back in the day. Glad your back and getting stable.
Opiate addiction just doesn't go away. I'm a ture believer in maintaince.
Surest way to Remission imo.
And keeping life moving forward. With the relapse rate so high under one year I hope you stay for awhile.

Best of luck with the costs. I pay cash still...

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Hi Hairgirl. I am still here after 6 yrs, and still on a low dose of bupe. 1mg, and trying to get to .75 or .5.

what happened if I can ask?
If you dont want to answer, thats cool, but I think it will help others if you can tell us what happened to bring you back. Im glad you are here again, though, thats for sure.

take care
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Default Your Back!

Welcome Home! I remember your posts and you was a inspiration to me and quite a few others so We are glad your back...Home! Take care and you know how this works so just do it and continue moving forward....stay strong!
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