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Default A new day

I would like to say it's great to be able to wake up an have a normal day. I've been on suboxine for a couple of months an let me tell you it's a lifesaver. I was so sick and tired of living with the shame an guilt. Always worried if I was gonna get caught or stopped when I was riding. It's such a sense of peace an such a heavy burden that has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that I'm doing the right thing. Also I'm grateful that I can talk to someone who understands where I am at this point just having support.

Is there anyone who would like to share any of there experiences with me?

It's still hard for me to talk an explan all what I'm dealing with an feeling but I'm trying and I know eventually I'll get a lil better. I know some of you understand how awkward it can be to share your feelings with someone you don't even know. But it makes me feel a lil better knowing that I won't be judged but understood because you are going through or been through a lot of the same things!!

I would just like to say I'm so happy when I wake up an not have to worry about chasing a high or worry about where to find it. Ever since I been on suboxine it changed my life for the better. I don't constantly worry about stupid things anymore. I can function an do all my daily chores an tasks with a smile. Everyone around me been saying that I looked so much happier! It makes me feel good knowing that people notice a positive change in me!! An it just makes me greatful!!

I can't express enough of how good it is to have a sense of freedom. It feels like so much weight has been lifted off me. I so happy that I found a dr who cares an listens to what I have to say!! I think being positive is so important for all of us!
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Hey Missy!

Welcome the Forum. As you will soon learn, this is a Forum where you CAN, as you've noted, share your thoughts, opinions and all-around feelings without fear of being judged.

If for no other reason, we don't judge because all of us have been where you are. Some possibly with less pain and drama, and many with far more heartache and pain. Most of us? Just like you.

Many of us have been blessed that this drama is in the past. Most of it, anyway. Others here are smack dab in the middle of one drama or the other. They have learned, as will you, that it is so wonderfully helpful to unload any kind of crapola that's bothering you. Let US have it; don't hold it inside, don't stuff it down. No repression allowed. Ha!

Lastly, remember, so far as revealing any dark secrets, this is an anonymous forum. Other words, no matter what you say, admit or confess, nobody will know WHO you are. There really is safety in that.

So please, post away. You might, next post you write, tell us lots MORE about yourself...and your battle with drugs/booze. Tell us, if you want, what it was like, what has happened/is happening, and what it's like now---now that you're finally doing something about your substance abuse issue.

In other words, talk to us, kid!


sam b
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