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Default Prince

I didn't see a prince thread so I figured I would make one. Another person gone from the clutches of opiate addiction. I just read that an addiction specialist was at his house the day he died...with bupe. I guess they didn't get to him in time. Another sad story.
God Bless
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Hi HopeThisWorks, I came here to post this article about just that. I was happy to see you started the thread!

Prince's would-be doctor at cutting edge in use of buprenorphine as drug to treat addiction
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Actually the doctor - from California - couldn't be there so he sent his son to Prince's house instead. The doc's son had bupe with him...
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Now it's sounding like he had percocet and bupe in his system at the same time. Recipe for disaster.
God Bless
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Default The Death of Prince and the Big Misconception on Addiction Few Understand.

Anyone that followed Prince over the years knew he was a health freak as well as a vegetarian and never did drugs. Yet he died of an overdose of painkillers. Even a health nut, workaholic could not be spared from the evils of addiction. He was prescribed the drug after a recent hip surgery and could not seem to stop taking it before his body became physically dependent on it. What that means is your body stops producing certain chemicals naturally because it’s being received externally through the MEDs. Chemicals such as dopamine and all the things that keep us comfortable and calm. When you stop taking the MEDs abruptly your body’s does things no one would want to endure and everyone would want to avoid, causing you to continue to use.
But the most important question is (and one that most people don’t explore)
Why did he continue to take these painkillers months after his surgery? Why did the very strong minded Prince, the health nut, continue taking them after the pain subsided, knowing physical dependence was kicking in?
Was it because he was a weak person? NO!
Was it because he wanted to escape and be numb from his reality? NO!
Was it because he wanted to slowly wither away? NO!
(Remember, he was a health nut, workaholic and perfectionist.)
He most likely kept taking them because for certain people opiates give them a different reaction. They don’t have the normal sleepy and nauseous feeling most have. For certain people, the first 6 months of taking opiates give you what I call the Superman Syndrome. It gives you the ability to do MORE. It energizes your spirit replacing depression with optimism and makes all things exciting. Things that you despised doing in the past now doesn’t seem that bad.
And the biggest culprit is, it dramatically improves your concentration and raises your endurance. So anyone with A-D-D, Depression or suffering from Energy Loss is at more risk of getting addicted. So for someone like Prince, who is a workaholic, yet aging is getting the best of him, causing him to slow down and not be as sharp as he once was, the opiates were the calling he was looking for giving him the energy and ability to work like he used to.
It’s very sad because people like this really have the best of intentions. They want to do more, work more, produce more and succeed more. They now have this outlet to help them achieve this. Or so they thought. The dream doesn’t last much longer after 6 months. Immunity kicks in and you no longer feel the euphoria you once had. So you take more and more and more to chase it. Again for all the right reasons. Not to party, not to escape, but to produce more. But it doesn’t normally work. Now your body is dependent and you use mainly to avoid withdrawal, which can only be compared to the brinks of Hell. Some may have to compromise their morals to obtain what they need. Now all of sudden that person that so badly wanted to DO MORE, WORK MORE, LIVE MORE, GIVE MORE and all in all PRODUCE MORE, is instead considered by society as a drug addict, weak, trash, and forever tainted.
This is most likely Prince’s story, but because he hid it so well he was not yet tainted by society. Prince lived 20 minutes from Hazelden, one of the most prestigious rehabs in the country, yet he didn’t go there. He needed to keep it private to protect his image. Instead, his family and friends desperately called on a professional MEDICAL DOCTOR and addiction specialist, hoping he would fly out from California for Prince’s exclusive medical care. He agreed to treat Prince but because of the Doctors schedule, he sent his son right away instead and would join him in a few days. His son was bringing Prince Suboxone on the Doctor’s behalf.
Why Suboxone? BECAUSE IT SAVES LIVES. Suboxone is a prescribed medication that most treatment centers and addiction specialist use for weaning their patients off opiates comfortably. It has fewer side effects, unlike methadone, which is a more dangerous drug than the opiates they were addicted to. Suboxone relieves the patient of wanting to use, taking away that itch one feels which often causes a relapse. It also has a blocker medication (Naloxone) that keeps them from feeling the effects of an opiate if they did take one. This makes it much easier to decide against using. More and more addiction specialists today are finding that long term use of Suboxone has been extremely successful in reducing the relapse rate in patients. It has little long-term effects and is even approved for pregnant women to use if needed.
Prince died the morning the Doctor’s son arrived and ironically was one of the three people to discover his body. Had he been there one day earlier, Prince would be alive today and most likely continue to take Suboxone for years to come.
Sadly, most of my friends I grew up with that have passed away from opiate-related deaths all started or continued to use because they were trying to do more than they were able to do without it. Not everyone has the same ability to do certain things the same way, such as reading, retain information or be able to succeed from the same learning process. I am pretty sure many people were unable to realize the root of why they used and those who did couldn’t explain it. Most people I know who have made it through still struggle day by day trying to find their way in this world without feeling less than or stupid. If they have managed to figure it out, society has most likely tainted them into a reputation of being less than. It’s now up to the individual to find methods of healing for the reason they used in the first place. Getting society and loved ones to support you with that is a challenge since mainstream acceptance of addiction in general is so behind and bias, nevertheless, accepting a new theory to support that it’s possible the addict was trapped into it while trying to do good things, oppose to the most popular theory of escaping, numbing and checking out, most likely will be perceived as that infamous word “excuse”. Very few know the difference between an excuse and a reason. But I say to those who understand what the heck I’m saying because this is you, don’t give up.
If anyone you love has a problem with opiates Suboxone is a good option, especially when other things have failed. But it is also equally important to understand the root of the problem of why the person was using in the first place. Find out if they fit the criteria explained in this article. Many treatment centers still use the older, original method of psychological healing only, but it’s important to tap into other areas such as A-D-D, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Low Endurance and the Overachiever who has lost their way. You will be surprised what you might find out.
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This is very sad. Just goes to show that it can happen to anyone
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