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Default how long to keep under tongue

I just read that someone keeps their Subutex under their tongue for 30-40 min. I thought once the tablet was dissolved that was it - you could swallow, spit whatever the residue. SHould I be keeping it under my tongue for a period of time even after its dissolved??
I wasn't told that.. Thanks. Annnie
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Hi Annie,

I think everyone is different on how long they keep it under their tongue. I am on subutex, too. I keep mine under my tongue until all of the bitterness is gone. Subutex is so bitter, and when I accidentally get it on my tongue (in the back is the worst!), it gags me! So I just wait, and when it isn't bitter anymore, I spit it out. Sometimes I swallow, but usually not. When I swallow, I can tell more easily if it's still bitter or not, though. (I've been on the subutex for just over 2 years, though, so I can tell now even if I don't swallow it).

I'm not sure what others do. How is the way you've been doing it been working out for you?

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Hi Annie

That was probably me huh?

It's because when I did my inductions I always had withdrawals still. So I tried to get every last bit of bupe out of the tablet. That is why I waited 40 minutes. I'm sure it is over kill. How it works though is that the bupe can not absorb from the solid, it has to disolve before it can be absorbed by the tissue under your tongue. As the tablet dissolves the bupe in the dissolved part then can all ready start being absorbed. I'm sure even after the tablet is completely dissolved there is still some bupe in your saliva that has yet to be absorbed. If you waited a while longer without spiting your saliva I'm pretty sure you will get more out of each tablet then if you immediately spit. Once it is absorbed by the tissue it then slowly passes into the blood stream. Also swallowed bupe has 1/5 th the bioavailability of sublingual bupe. So I always swallowed subutex, but spit suboxone, because I thought it might help with the headaches.

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To answer your question Coffee,
I'm having a little trouble getting stabalized - sometimes I feel like 2 mg is enough, other times I end up with craving and generally feeling bad. I have to admit I usu take my SUbutex while I'm `on the go' and I KNOW I don't always hold it under my tongue very long. I was just wondering what others did or if it matters that much. Since such a small amount has such a big effect, I figured every little bit helps. Thanks.
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i only do 15 min exactly then spit out the rest. my dr wont let me switch to subutex though.
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I have read that if you rinse your mouth out with really hot water before you put the sub under you tongue it helps to dilate the those blood vessels and the absorbtion is better.

I tried it, and i think that it works, and i think that the sub dissolves a bit quicker, too.

Good Luck, let us know how you are doing..
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You don't necessarily have to keep the Suboxone under your tongue. That is what the company suggests, however as long as the Suboxone dissolves anywhere in the mouth and not swallowed, it will absorb through the mucosa into the blood stream.

I've been on Suboxone for 13 months, and for 4 days I kept it under my tongue. After that, I put it between my cheek and gum, like chewing tobacco. It definately works, or else I would be able to kick the Suboxone pretty easily. In fact, by keeping it between the cheek and gum, more is absorbed in the bloodstream. Try it, you won't gag, it dissolves nice and slow, and the taste is practically nill.

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Default Bub taste is awful?? Not to me.

I don't get folks saying how awful suboxone tastes? Maybe it is that other chem they put with it? What is it Naltrex or however it is spelled? But I just get generic bup sublingual and most batches are just a teensy bit sweet but every so often some taste a little bitter but NEVER "awful" never ever make want to gag or anything problem is that I produce a boatload of saliva and so holding just under my tongue quickly becomes an impossibility .. I have to swish it from one place to another and trying to TALK while it is there? I must sound like I'm a stroke victim or something! ...I have to tell people "excuse me I have a sublingual in my mouth is why I can't talk for shit"

So maybe it is not the bup itself that is gag awful, but the other stuff mixed with it in suboxone?

I have been on it about a year and while I THINK I could have easily gotten off it right away? That boat has sailed months ago and the farther I go with the more it has it's hooks in least a time or two a day I start feeling bad withdrawls, but it was not like that right after switching from mdone to bup ...I took my mdone down to bare bones almost nothing before switching

But as to the taste, I used to let mdones dissolve in my mouth and they were way nastier ...I confess I love drugs enough that I almost enjoy bitter if I know there is a reward in it...ya know? Maybe like enjoying even the pain of a needle snicking through tissues...or nasal membranes burning...or the near gag of tossing back a shot of tequila .... or the throat hit of inhaling noxious tobacco smoke .... all of which things no longer partake of except in the sweet memory of my imbibment ....sick I know but it is what it is
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Default Clean mouth

Rinsing your mouth out with warm to hot water helps.. in general a clean mouth helps the Bupe work better as it don't have to fight thru coffe or food to get into your system. Talking is not good either as it creates more salvia and then you have to spit...
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