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Default dealing with the cost

I have been an addict for 20 years. I have tried rehab several times and I have experience with just about every method known for coming off of opiates. Suboxone works best for people that are just interested in being able to function normally and have stopped pursuing getting high. If someone is really serious and determined to be clean suboxone can really help if used correctly. But tbh most that I know that are on it only pursue it so they can either trade it or sale it so they can purchase their drug of choice. From what I have seen most doctors that prescribe it are in it for the money and not to help addicts get clean. In my area most doctors charge $100 a week to prescribe it and thats not even including what the pharmacy charges to fill the prescription. Thats just crazy to me because everyone knows that by the time an addict is ready to get help they have no resources cause they have exhausted everything they have when they were actively drug seeking. Every person I know that is on it has to sell half of what the doctor prescribes to people on the street just to be able to pay the doctor's fee and pay the pharmacy for getting them filled. This totally defeats the purpose of what suboxone is suppose to be for cause it keeps the addict in the destructive cycle of addiction and involves illegal activity. But like I said if the patient takes the drug just as directed by a doctor it can be beneficial. But if addicts were able to stick to how drugs were prescribe then they wouldnt be addicts to begin with.
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