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Cool Switching to out of state sub Dr before script is up

I live in Ohio and get prescribed subutex from a Dr here in Ohio. As of a couple days ago I found out my medicaid will cancel because I make to much money. My Dr doesn't takeno other insurance and selfpay is 900. I can't pay 900 so I started looking for another Dr. After alot of calls I found a Dr in Pennsylvania that will see me and will prescribe subutex if I show documents I'm allergic to naloxone. I went ahead and set up a appointment do to the fact I'm affraid I won't find another Dr and I will have to end up going without. I can't go without because I have a great paying job and have completely changed my life in the past 2yrs. My family and my world would completely fall apart and I don't think I can deal with leaving the life of ddrugs again. The problem is I just got my 30 day script and the only time I can get into the new Dr in Pennsylvania is when I will still have subs left from my Ohio Dr. When I go to the new Dr it will be 11 days early if I filled the new script. That is the only day they can get me in for an appointment. What should I do ? Would it be OK and go and not say nothing about still having meds left from the Ohio Dr ? If they ask me anything about having meds I will definitely tell them ya I still have meds but I'm not going back to that Dr do to the fact selfpay is 900. Before I go to the new Dr in Pennsylvania I will tell my Ohio Dr that I found a new doctor and I won't be coming back. I really wish I can just keep my Dr but I simply can't afford it. I don't wanna get on trouble for doing this cause I'm not seeking more subs I just to affraid of what I would go threw if I don't go and I run out of meds and go down that path of complete hell and it's my worst nightmare. People give me advice .I will prolly just go and hope things will be all good cause of different states and if they ask I will explain everything to them.
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Hi Cowboysfan,

Welcome to the forum. The doctor has likely seen this situation before. He might be willing to give you a prescription that is dated a week later, or only prescribe 19 days' worth. I think if you explain, they should be able to help you.

It is concerning that after 2 years, you feel that you would go right back to drugs if you didn't have the sub. I'm wondering if you have been working a recovery program, like getting counseling and/or going to AA or NA type meetings. If not, hope you will think about it.


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Smile No way I could stop subutex

I've been going to this xlinice for 2yrs. The first yr was terrible because the Dr would only prescribe me suboxone and I'm highly allergic. He wouldn't switch me till I showed him physical proof. I work in the oil and gas industry so I usually work 15 to 16hrs a day and then go home try to sleep a few hours then spend a few with my kids. Both my parents have died in the past year one of cancer the other of suicide so that's been really stressful. I do councel 2 times a month and I go to group one time a month. I was an addict hard core on perk 30 or whatever I could find for 10yrs. Honestly some days I have trouble on 2 a day so if I was completely cut off I couldn't imagine it. When I go to this new doctor I'm just not going to say anything to him about me switching to him from a doctor in Ohio and having a active script. If he asks I obviously will tell him. I've never Dr shoped or filled meds early so I don't see what the problem would be. I'm affraid if I did tell him upfront he wouldn't take me or tell me to comeback when he has another opening and that could be another month. I'm paying cash so when I fill my meds I don't think I would have any problems. If Pharmacy up there asks I will just tell them im from Ohio and didn't really think it was a big deal. It's more convenient for me to fill my meds now instead of having to comeback when I'm completely out just to fill it. I could see if I got meds filled early all the time or I have switched Dr alot or been seeing multiple Dr. Plz write back someone and give me opionion
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Can some people please give me there opinion on this issue? Would that be considered doctor shopping cause if so that would be retarded
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Would this be doctor shopping if when I get my script filled the day I go to the new Dr. If so that's retarded its not like I see multiple Dr or I have multiple drug scripts. It just happens I'm switching doctors because my medicaid will be dropped and it so happens to be that my appointment at the new Dr is before my script runs out and that's the only day that's available unless I wanna wait a month or 2. Oh well I'm not gonna dwell over not having meds until I find a Dr because the pharm or doctor prolly won't even notice. Now if I switched Dr alot or filled meds early or multiple scripts at one time I would worry. I could wait till my meds run out but shitty thing bout that is I would have to go to Pennsylvania all the time just to pick up the script because I would never be able to fill it when he gives it to me. Can I please get a few people opinion on this?
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Hi Cowboysfan2016, I don't think it's doctor shopping because you're switching doctors.

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Hi CowboysFan2016,

No, this is not doctor shopping. Doctor shopping is going to multiple doctors in order to obtain multiple prescriptions in order to abuse the medication. You are just changing doctors for financial reasons, and there's no way you can make the dates from one doctor perfectly match the dates another doctor can fit you into his schedule.

I think everything is going to be fine. "Honesty is the best policy". I would just explain to the new doctor that you can't afford $900.00 a month due to loss of insurance, which is why you're coming to him.

Keep us posted,
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Sam Bailey
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Hey CowboysFan,

Go to your new doctor with a clear conscience. You will get in no trouble, as Nancy, Elizabeth and Leonard already said.

As far as getting this new script filled, why don't you get the script, then just HOLD on to it until it's time for your refill? No law says you have to get a prescription filled on the day you receive it.

Relax. Anxiety is a sure trigger for many folks, sure was true for me.

Oh. And you would do yourself a HUGE favor by getting into a solid Recovery Program, as Elizabeth suggested.

Good luck to you!


sam b
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