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Subs addicted
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Default $491 for drug testing?

I need any suggestions if possible- I started seeing a new suboxone doctor and every time I go he drug tests me which is fine but I'm being billed a lot. It is from quest labs- charge is $491 - my insurance paid $277 and they are saying I owe them ( the lab) $213-. This is from one drug test and then I received another bill $434 of which my insurance paid $228 and they are saying I owe $206. I have to see this doctor every two weeks ( that's cash each visit $150). Each time I see the doctor he drug tests me so we are talking over $200 each time for a drug test! Are you kidding me? My prior doctor only charged me $25 for testing- I'm not sure what to do. When I showed the doctor the lab bill he said it is "balance billing" and I should call the lab and tell them I'm not paying it as my insurance is paying almost half- won't the lab call collections ? I'm not sure what to do as I have to see this doc for my suboxone as I just moved and this is a new doctor- Any suggestions would be appreciated- thanks!
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Ask him to do an in house doctor does. He doesn't have to send it out, he can do an UA right there. I have only been tested twice in 3.5 yrs. and he did both test right there in the office.....I would talk to him about this. Again, there is no reason to send it out. Please keep us updated. And welcome. Julie
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Subs addicted
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I appreciate yr feedback- the doc uses the lab in the medical building where his office is (outside his office - and on another floor) I will discuss with him. - thx so much !
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Hi Subs addicted, have you called the lab and asked them about it? Think about telling them that your doctor told you to call and ask about that "balance billing". Also ask them what kind of test they are doing. It would seem that a simple in-house dipstick test would be good enough - unless he is specifically looking for something.

If he agrees to the inhouse testing as Julie suggested, you could provide the test for him also if he doesn't have them in his office.
Buy drug test kits online – Most physicians conduct urine tests for illicit drugs at each office visit. Often, the urine is sent to a lab for processing, this can be expensive. If the physician is willing, the patient can purchase drug test kits online for under $10. This could save hundreds depending on how often and how many drugs are tested for.

Out of curiosity, how long will you be seeing this doctor every two weeks? Will he move to monthly at some point soon?

Hope this helps.

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Subs A.. Do you have the name of your health is co? I work for a pretty big one and maybe I can help
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I'm so furious when this happens---I come up clean each and everytime, but why does the test have to be done so often??? It's totally unfair and other people with specific conditions don't have to undergo this!
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