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Cool Suboxone off label prescription n NC

Hi all, I am new to this forum but it looks really helpful.

I have been on Suboxone/Subutex for 2 years. I use it for off label reasons primarily although I started with it for opiate addiction.

Suboxone is so expensive I am afraid I may have to discontinue use and the thought terrifies me as its the only thing that I have found that is effective for both my pain and severe depression/anxiety.

I live in North Carolina and have tried to find a doctor who takes Medicaid and is certified to prescribe Bupenorphine but have been unsuccessful. I have contacted the company that makes it and they gave me a list of Drs but none accept Medicaid.

I keep hoping to find a regular MD that can prescribe it for off label use but not sure how to approach one.
I am even considering checking out smaller counties and cities in NC or going to Florida where I used to live. But not sure if it will be easier elsewhere and I guess my Medicaid would not be accepted in Florida anyway.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Hi chatterkat, welcome, if you are taking Suboxone off-label, any doctor can prescribe it as long as it is indicated for off-label use. But, you'd have to see if it would be covered written off label.

Have you tried calling the medicaid provider to see if they can give you a list of doctors? There's the matching system, if you haven't tried that already. You can put you need a doctor who takes medicaid in the statement to the physician; they don't always read those statements but it might be worth a try.

Hope this is helpful.

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Thanks Nancy. Now who would be the "Medicaid provider" ? I am new to Medicaid (I have it for one year while waiting for disability maybe, fingers crossed). Would that be my primary Medicaid doctor that I have been seeing?
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