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Default buprenorphine square yellow wax tablets

I recently had to swap Dr's because I could no longer afford the Suboxone 8/2 strips (my doc refused to prescribe subutex although I had 2 years of perfect levels and never failed a drug screen).

Anyway, I just picked up my 1st prescription yesterday, and I was surprised and confused somewhat when I opened the bag and looked at the pills in my bottle. They are these opaque yellow wax-like squares, about a half inch square, no imprints or markings except for they are scored into four quarters ( + ).

I have seen these before, but they were purple/red color, never seen the yellow. I'm supposed to take 24mg a day, so I have 23 of these yellow tablets.

My concern is are these 32mg (like the purple-ish colored ones) or did the pharmacist mess up and give me a lower mg tablet? I'm not feeling bad - yet, but it's just been 15 hrs or so. . .

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Hi TheSquirmingCoil, welcome. I think to be on the safe side, contact the pharmacy. What they gave you is compounded buprenorphine, and I don't know if there are any 'universal' rules about what color what compounding pharmacy makes. So they could very well be 24mg, but just a different color?

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