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I am from the UK but if I went to live in the US is there anyway I could get help to pay for my meds cause I currently take a 10mg buprenorphine patch each week and they are super expensive in the US
I also ask that cause if it went well an American women wants to marry me but unless I can get help paying for my expensive meds I may not been able to stay in the US
I dont understand why buprenorphine is so expensive in the US in the UK its 5 times cheaper by the way I take it for pain and I am also disabled
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HI brasco03, welcome. I'm not really sure of what kind of help you can get paying for the bupe patch (here it's BuTrans). But there a patient assistance program on their website:

Looks like it's $50 off of each prescription after you pay for the first $15. Then anything after the $50 applied you'd have to pay for.

There isn't a generic out for it yet either.

In the US, you can go to any doctor to be prescribed the bupe patch or the other formulations for pain - but it would be off label.

There are clinical trials for other formulations though. Might be something to look into if absolutely necessary. The medication and the medical care is usually free.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Thanks very much I might look into going into a clinical trial cause if it meant I would get the butrans patches free or at low cost it will probably mean I can stay in the US
I like your country but I must say the price I have seen for some meds is far to high hopefully that changes in future or if someone suddenly got sick and was a legal alien would probably lose all the money they had just paying for the meds they would need
Once again thanks so much for your help I do need my butrans patch without it I would feel unwell and be in pain
Have a great week
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Brasco, I like your country better. I have always wished that I could live in the UK, especially London or outside of London somewhere. I absolutely love British movies and the whole "Notting Hill" lifestyle. Oh I so wish we had the money to move to the UK. Sorry to hear about your cost troubles, believe me I know what you are going through. If you are low income and depending on what state you live in, you can sign up for the Obamacare program. I am low income and have Medicaid, I am 35 so they are giving it to people other than pregnant women and elderly now. It pays for all my medication AND part of my doctor's visit. If you lived in Kentucky, I could hook you right up with the website and all for signing up for the healthcare. This country is messed up in how it deals with healthcare among other numerous things. GL to you, hope you get this figured out. I know how hectic and scary it can be to go without your meds.
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I get all my meds free now but I was inquiring about the US because if it went well with a women that likes me I was looking at the possibility of moving to Los Angeles but I am not sure now cause of the cost however if they gave me medicaid than I could stay
Thanks I like your country too and like you I agree there are some things they can change to make it better and easier but medicaid sounds good as long as they also hand it out to legal aliens which is what I would be if I decided to live in your country
Just out of interest how much is charged for someone on Medicaid to get bloodwork done? Cause I know I will need that done not often though
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