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Question Need Help paying in Louisiana

Anyone live in Louisianna and have ideas paying for suboxone? Medicaid is cuttin me back and I have a new baby and completly BROKE! I fear if I cant pay I will relapse. I do well on this med and need 90 8mg2mg suboxone a month. I tried cuttin back.. i get too sick. Medicaid only payin small percentage. Now I found a coupon for 50$ off but still have to come up with like 600$ ! Its chaper to be on pain meds darn! Has anyone found a really cheap pharmacy and used any online discount cards and can recomend help. Im in new orleans. The little pharmacy my dr wants me to use only takes the one suboxone coupon so im hopin she will allow me to go elsewhere.. or i may need to find another dr. I cant afford private so i may be lookin for another clinic or something. Please help!
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Hi, and welcome. If you are getting 90 pills a month, that is three day. Which is 24mg a day. That is really a lot and you could probably get by with 1 pill. You must try to taper. Suboxone has a ceiling affect of 16mg. My suggestion is to try to cut back. Even if you were on 16 mg, you would be fine. I take under 1mg and I do fine. I went from 24mg to 8mg in a month. No wonder your script is so expensive. Honestly, consider tapering. Julie
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