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Unhappy NYS Medicaid Suboxone doctors?

Hello everyone.

I recently had to switch over the medicaid after my insurance expired when I turned 26. In June I enrolled in Medicaid and chose Fidelis as the primary provider, as this was the suggested provider many told me was most accepted by doctors.

Before switching to Medicaid, I had been seeing a Suboxone doctor on a bi-monthly basis, which consisted of the usual things expected of a Suboxone doctor(monthly urine sample, initial outpatient treatment). I have been on Suboxone for roughly a year and a half now, extremely happy with it and sober.

I now have a problem finding a new doctor who will accept Fidelis Medicaid coverage. After calling Fidelis support line, they gave me the number for only one doctor in mine and the neighboring county(Suffolk/Nassau). After calling the doctor I was told he no longer accepts clients for Suboxone treatment.

Does anyone in the NY/Long Island area have expierence with finding a doctor who will accept this insurance? Or rather, does anyone have a suggestion for which Medicaid provider I should choose instead? I have until September 1st to decide if I'd like to switch from Fidelis.

Neither Fidelis or the Medicaid phone support seems to be any help regarding this matter. It appears none of these 3 groups of people share information(Medicaid/Fidelis or others/Doctors) to cross reference and provide suggestions.

Thank you for anyone who reads and it able to respond.
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