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Hi Everyone

I live in Virginia Beach. I have been on Buprenorphine/naloxone 8-2, 1 per day for 3 years. My Dr retired and closed his practice. He took my Medicare insurance and my Part D covers the B/N with a 77.00 copay. My once a month visit copay to him was 13.89 and my therapist copay 19.50 twice a month. total being $129.89. He gave me a piece of paper with 4 referrals. 3 no longer taking new patients and the third wants 250 first visit 150 a week for next 3 weeks and 150 every 2 weeks next month. The first 6 weeks would be $1,000.00!! and that doesn't include the 77 for my prescription. I live on SSDI and I am expected to come up with $1,077.00. I have called already 20 places. All either want between 700 and 1,000 the first month or they are not taking new patients or they are not buprenorphine prescribers and don't know how they got on the list from either or SAMSHA.

Any tips or ideas much appreciated. I have 5 weeks of medicine left.
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Hi ccjohncc, welcome. Have you seen this thread with ways to find treatment?

Unfortunately for the SAMHSA list, the doctors themselves are supposed to make changes; but they either don't know they can or just don't bother. It's really frustrating, as you know. When you're talking with these doctors' offices, do they know you are already in treatment and don't need an induction? Have you called your medicare provider to see if they can help find an in-network doctor?

How long have you been taking 8mg - for all three years? One thing to think about is perhaps seeing if you can reduce your dose to stretch your medication out while looking. You might do just as well with 6mg. It might be worth trying.

Some people have found doctors by calling the United Way referral line. Just dial 211.

Others have asked their pharmacists if they know of any prescribers. And some others have called hospital doctor referral lines.

I hope this is helpful.

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I know make generic kinds also might be cheaper. Took me long time to find doc too pay 170 visit once month plus script w my good insurance. Keep looking can search online too. Some people drive hour or 3 get good doc. Pray for you wish you luck
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Keep looking and praying its gonna work out I'm going to do some resarch my self for you and also keep you in my prayers got this
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