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Default Generic prices in Central Ohio? + Me venting about crazy American Health Network

Main purpose here is to see if anybody in central Ohio knows places with better-priced generics on buprenorphine + naloxone. The rest is just the story and me venting. Read if you like. Thanks!

My doctor has finally done a little research and decided it safe to prescribe me generic buprenorphine/naloxone! My free meds program expires in July and that will be 2 years in remission - 2 years with this doctor as well. He had been fooled by the vile RB reps I guess, until he did some more reading on the matter. I've had to take my dose purely because I won't be able to afford 16mg even with full time job. He and I both hate being forced to taper prematurely over such BS.

Idk if it's possible but, since they don't have anybody else trying to get my spot on the program the nurse is going to try and resubmit me as their third patient, if they will allow it. But I don't think they will.

The cost is outrageous. More so all the time. Each visit is $150 for me. Technically $168 I guess but they don't make me pay for the UA tests I think. For nearly two years they let me make a payment if any amount - even just $10 sometimes - each visit and whenever else I could, and then every few months I'd have a large enough sum to pay off the balance and start fresh. They accepted this. Then they changed the policy. But they never told me until after. I went in for my April visit and tried to pay ten and she said "oh we changed that so patients must pay up front in full. Well let you do it this time only". WTF!? How can you not inform patients of such a major change at least a month in advance??

So last month I paid $150 up front and the receptionist even told me my file says I only pay $150. Couple weeks later I got billed for the other $18, due by my appointment this last Friday. I went in and luckily the lady at the desk said it wasn't right and she emailed billing dept. about it.

In May, just before my first one paying fully upfront, they contacted me by phone to have me pay the remaining balance (for March/April -- I paid everything up March in March visit -- $750). They wanted me to make payments and i told them I couldn't do anything because of their absurd policy change until May 14 (payday). She said "okay we will have somebody call you to setup a plan". Come May 14, I don't get a call, but a bill because I guess they said screw it and put me on a payment plan anyways instead of calling. Luckily it was to due until June (next week).

Also, Friday at my appointment, she said my file said I was billed twice for a home sleep study from like winter or fall and asked if it was supposed to be like that. I said "NO!" (Politely though - I always am). So she emailed them about that along with the bill for $18 they sent me. The thing is, I should have paid that sleep study off back in freaking March when I paid my $750 balance. It should've been on there by then but I guess it wasn't.

I don't know. I just feel like they're all over the place in this billing department and have no idea what they're doing and it would be okay if it weren't my life and livelihood being tossed around here. Incredibly frustrating. Plus the changing of that policy in a way that impacts some people, like me, so significantly without any notice or warning is incredibly inconsiderate and just bad business IMO. they were a great practice when I started and my doctor still is greAt. I really like him.

Sorry. I just needed to vent. Sorry for any typos or incoherence. I'm typing this on my phone while standing on the bus. Just needed to let it out somewhere safe and get feedback if any. They just emailed me a customer sat survey so, it's on.
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