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I'm a 29 year old heroin addict. I have been clean for a few years before this last relapse lasting almost 2 years now. I use daily a few grams IV. I am so desperate to stop. I'm tired and can not live like this anymore. I have been prescribed Zubsolv (suboxsone worked for me in a rehab over a 4 week tampering period 4 years ago). I took my 1st full pill of Zubsolv yesterday after 14 hour from using and I was in beginning stages of withdraws. But I don't remember on subs feeling like I did. I had a very fast heart beat and I had anxiety bad and didn't really feel ok at all. The withdraws weren't as bad as they would of been with out the Zubsolv I know this but they also weren't manageable by any means. I work and can't afford more than two days off. I also felt like going to the ER but just let the feeling wear off. Should I try to take the Zubsolv again with this reaction and how much if so? Did I do something wrong? I would call my doctor but I prolonged starting this medication it's been over 2 months from the time I went to the clinic I'd just have to pay another $200 for a 10min visit. Please any advice anyone?
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Hello, welcome, and I am wishing you good luck and also letting you know you have made a very good decision to seek treatment! Perhaps you were not far enough into withdrawals when you took your first dose, It would be helpful to know what dosage you took. Let us know, stick with it as there are solutions and every one of them will be better than going back to the heroin. i am attaching a link about the COWS scale so you can judge where you were when you took the medication. Let us know.

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Thank you.
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