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Default I am sending this one out at a prayer. Please read and any help would be amazing!

So I live right by Dallas, TX and I've been on suboxone and other similar ones a few times they helped alot. And I'm on disability so I have Medicare part A and B plus some part D prescription plan called Silvers crept that cover ALL my meds along with the "Extra Help" program i get along with my Medicaid which is my secondary for being on SSI as well but for some reason Dr after Dr that tales my insurances say that they can't take them for That specific med! So that hundreds a month just for the dr appt. Now up til the last time I tried it my insurance never even made me get a prior authorization for suboxone it just took care of it....until my last dr claimed she was gonna have to switch me to Bunivail bc she could get in trouble writing me suboxone knowing I let my insurance fill it? Which makes ZERO SENSE! Oh yea and there was the fact she suddenly had a drawer full of Buena Vale sample boxes I'm guessing pushing them but here's what I'm wondering is there some kind of law in Texas where a doctor that accepts Medicare Medicaid and accept it for everything from you unless they're seeing you for Suboxone and then even if that's true if your insurance agrees to pay it at the pharmacy and there's never a problem is there a law that the doctor could bring up so I can get in trouble for letting you feel this I mean how could they get in trouble if the insurance company is saying yes please someone help me!! I'm less an addict due to lack of ability to even find many Norco anymore now im just in constant fear of the withdrawal it rules my life I want off! I have severe migraine osteoarthritis problems fibromyalgia dental disasters and OCD and GAD so I have no clue how to handle the pain without the Norco(Dr's orders jo NSAIDS. Plus nothing that light touched the pain) But please any advice bc I can't do this another 12 years. I'm already 29 I want to start a life😥🙏
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Hi NeedHelpinTX, welcome. Have you called your insurance company to ask them about what you're being told? I'm not sure about specific laws in Texas, but calling them or your insurance department might help.
Texas Department of Insurance
333 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78701
P.O. Box 149104, Austin, TX 78714
512-676-6000 | 1- 800-578-4677

Let us know what you find out.

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Hi needhelpintexas. Sounds like total BS to me. Many peoples insurance pays for their meds and some even pay for the visit. I would get with the insurance company to see what they have to say about the situation. Hope everything works out well for you! -Matt
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