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Default Hi Nerve Block Question

I am having a 3rd surgery on my ankle I posted on here in September of last year right after I broke it and you were all very helpful. I have not and did not tell my Dr before about taking Suboxone. I quit 24 hours before and while the recovery room pain wasn't pretty I did make it through. My question - does a nerve block work while you are on Suboxone? They are going to give me a nerve block in my leg first before they do the general anesthesia so I am hoping that will help with some after pain. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks all
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Hi Soccermom,

Sorry you have to have another surgery, it must have been a very bad break. I had a nerve block before a hand surgery, and it kept it numb most of the first day. Once it wears off though, the pain will likely be about the same as before. If you can stop the sub for 48 hours ahead of time, the pain meds may work better. Good luck!

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Hi Soccermom, so sorry you have to undergo yet another surgery. It doesn't look like the nerve block will interfere with the Suboxone or vice versa, if it's just anethesia as this article notes that most are; but if you could find out what they are using that would be better. That article says they use some IV med beforehand, but not what. Does your Suboxone know you're having this surgery? Maybe s/he can give you a definitive answer. Or for a better peace of mind, ask your pharmacist.,54/

When is your surgery?

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I would definitely find out what the anasthesia meds they are using are. I recently had an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. My Dr's knew about my suboxone treatment. I wish I had stopped taking it a couple days earlier, because the pleasant don't remember a thing experience others reported, was not what I went through. They used Fentanyl and versed. While I experienced some relief from the meds, it's not something I wish to repeat anytime soon heh. It's my fault for not stopping suboxone sooner in the week, just wouldn't wish that misery on anyone else.

I'd just let them know you take Suboxone, and consult with you sub Dr. It's the safest route and will ensure you minimum discomfort.
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