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Default Where is everybody

This place is dead,no one here at all
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Default Where is everybody

Hello Waterman....what do you want to talk about? recovery, Sub?..
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The place may be dead but us zombies are-are, well we are kinda alive!

Welcome waterman are you new to suboxone treatment? I was on pain medication but like many people, became dependent on them. I googled "Safe opioids" and eventually came upon a clinicial trial of bupe for pain patients who had a hard time taking the prescribed dose (that was me in spades lol) It was done inpatient in a Columbia/Prespyterian hospital-NY psych institute trial. I stayed on 16mg for a year or so then went off with little WD to speak of but my pain brought me back after I tried for a year to deal with the pain with means other then narcotic analgesics.
I knew the bupe helped for pain but not quite as well as say, percocet did. The fact that I could get by without having to take more and more made it worth it even if the pain relief was not 100% (well nothing short of a coma is 100% but I think you get what I mean)

So, again welcome and best of luck. Let us know what is going on like dose you are on who long and what opioid were you on etc...


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people come and go on this and every other site for sure it is not a chat room and responses can be a bit slow at times hang in there as some will give you inspiration

I noticed I am approaching 4,000 posts I have no idea how it got that high I must have done a hell of a lot of rambling not to mention I hate typing


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Hey where'd ya go?

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