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I am #1 I am on Zoloft 200mg right now and have been on some sort of anti-depressent since I was a teenager, My story is a little diffrent I am 28 right now but ever since I was a child I have struggled with depression and such. At age 10 I was diagnosed as manic-depressive, as well as having bi-polar disorder. This was after I was diagnosed at age 7 with ADHD. So my entire life has really been about medication in some form or another. I bascilly have felt like a giant lab rat my whole life on one med for a short period of time then having it stoped after experiencing some sort of terrible side effect or problem only to have another one if not two new meds started. This has pretty much went on my whole life. While I dont seem to have any depression at the time and really dont recall having any for quite some time(maybe since about 2004 or so) I do have alot of anxiety issues right now and Zoloft has been wonderful in helping with that I have been having anxiety problems for about 4 years now and as if I did not have enough problems I was diagnosed with social Anxiety disorder. I had quite a few panic attacks before the Zoloft especially around large crowds of people. I tried a list of diffrent meds to help with the panic attacks and never could find the right combo. I tried all the benzo's at one point or another only to find all they made me want to do is sleep they did help stop the panic attacks but as I said I could not function during the day on them,After trying countless other meds Zoloft was the last one tried and to my suprise really helped, While it did help I still tend to have a panic attack from time to time I have pretty much with the help of the Zoloft learned to live with them and have some Valium if absoultly needed for the ones I cannot get under control, However as I said I know if I take the valium I am pretty much asleep the entire day so I try to avoid it's usage. With all of this being said I really have not felt much depression for years now on occasion I would fall into a deep depression mainly due to my addiction when I did'nt have opiates to lift my mood or was withdrawling. I was started on the Suboxone 3 days ago and still continue to take the Zoloft as I am fearful of increasing panic attacks if I stop and my sub dr felt it would be best to leave it as is for now. Although I hope to one day be off the zoloft for now I realize I have to focus on my addiction and cannot deal with any other medical problems so I assume take it.
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I was put on 20 mg of prozac while on MMT, switched to suboxone and DR says keep taking it (Prozac)
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#1 here, however, I was put on Effexor XR during my active addiction. Doc said I have all the symptoms to be put on Effexor. Now I know my symptoms were a result of my addiction to Percocet (170-200mg a day).

I am still on Effexor and I believe it in combination with Suboxone is the reason I can now say I FEEL GREAT!. Wait... Did I just say that? I'm still getting used to this feeling great thing! Hope everyone is doing well, and also know I give credit to the Board and it's simply wonderfull members for playing a role in how great I feel.

Stay strong and Thanks
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I have had depression and anxiety as far back as i can remember...nothing has worked for me...i have been on suboxone since end of may and was on prozac with no they put me on cymbalta (which i have been on before, but was still using) so i am now back on the cymbalta for only 2 weeks now,and klonipin for 2 months...if this regimen doesnt work then my doctor wantsto add wellbutrin to the mix...i hope something works..i am sure sick of feeling this way...i have had the depression way longer than addiction and it sucks!!
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Well I'm a # 6
Bupe helps fantasic for my depression. Never been so happy in my life.

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I am a #1. I have taken 150mg of Effexor and still do since starting Suboxone. I would like to try and reduce it, but I am a bit scared to do so and though my Dr. has not discouraged me to do so, he has not encouraged me to cut down either.
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I fit into the #1 category, I started taking Lexapro several months before suboxone (lot of good it did in my addicted state!), and I'm still taking it. It hasn't been all that helpful with my depression, but it does quite a bit for my anxiety problems. I've tried not taking it for a while and I can see a significant advantage in taking it, but not for depression. I have found Suboxone to be very effective at relieving depression for me, but I still require a lot of counseling. I've even found that dropping my dose from 16mg to 12 or 8mg I don't have much of an increase in cravings and almost no withdrawal symptoms, but I notice a significant increase in my depression symptoms. I've gone through that enough times to see a significant pattern, enough that it only causes problems to drop my dose.

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After suffering from some form of depression since I was in my late teens and trying over 30 different types of meds for it. I thought I would try Subutex. It worked like right away and took me from a -3 on the 1-10 scale to about a 6-8 at times. After three years with no other meds except Benzo's for sleep, it seems to have lost its some of its curative properties. I am going to try and taper off and see what happens.
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#1, but was able to switch to from Seroquel 450 mg (A lot of bad side effects) to Doxepin 75mg - much less side effects and far more effective for anxiety and sleep! And Ser. did nothing for my depression, hopefully the Doxepin kicks and and helps with that!
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I have been on Lexapro (20mg) for the past 18 months. The doctor was fine with me taking it when starting on the bupe. I also have been on xanax for the past two years. I take them on a "need-be" status. The doctor advised me I should limit my daily dose of that to only 1 mg a day because of the side effects.
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i am a 1 so far. (4 months into treatment)
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Default Latecomer

Hi Nancy. probably a little to late for your survey but if it helps I am #3
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I am a #6
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I'm in the #6 group. How y'all doin' 'Sixers' !
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Smile Gwennie M

I've been on suboxone since 11/05, started at 16mg from rehab, responding to if ever on anti depressants, I haven't. I take Armour thyroid & have had thyroid issues since 1989. Many symptoms of depression, moodiness,etc are related to thyroid being over or under. Had many dr's wanting to put me on prior to rehab. I always insist on getting my thyroid levels checked 1st & make sure their ok & thats usually what it is. In times of stress it really affects it. This is the first time I have ever posted a comment. I only became aware of the website when a CVS pharmacy person told me about it. Was surprised my "head doctor" as I call him never mentioned since 2005, but very thankful to find it. Bottomline, when you have your annual physical or if your feeling sluggish or too hyper ask your regular doctor to check thyroid levels. I have chronic pain, 20% impairment with my lower back, sub helps, I usually need more than normal dose & I see a chiropractor, stretch & walk when its not so darn hot. So I'm 1 that has never taken SSRI except when forced to in rehab. Gwen M
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Wow Subtom.....Dito to the "T"....I'm 10+ years older, but other than that, you pretty much described my lifelong symptons. IMO- we must have some chemical
defieciancy or brain dysfunction that causes us to feel the way we do. Why can't some genius scientist figure out how to correct whatever it is! I believe that too
much credit is given to external events, such as child abuse, tramatic experiences,
poor upbringing, etc. (Although..I admit they play a role), I'm convinced my symptons
are due to something inside my body and that I was born with it. These experts need
to seek out cadavers of people who experienced similar "lifelong" symptons, open 'em
up and figure out what the heck is causing this.
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I have been diagnosed Bipolar and major depressive disorder, prescribed Lexapro and Seroqil. When I started taking oxycodone years ago- it was for pain - and soon I discovered that it helped me with depression. Without them, I could not get involved in my studies, get out of bed or my hobbies. Now I am taking Suboxone after 7 years of drug abuse and I feel better than I have in my life. Seriously. I take 1 or 2 Subx's a day. My body feels better, my thought process is somewhat normal, the racing thoughts are all but gone and I have been offered percs, etc. and I have NO desire to do them. I am no longer on psych meds. I see that you had a different experience. What a time to live in where we finally have medicine to manage addiction in the same way we have meds to manage Diabetes.
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I too ,was introduced to opiates because of pain after a surgery. I too noticed my depression improve. I was totally ignorant to the addictive
nature of what I was taking....Up until I tried to stop, I could never
understand how people could addicted to pain medicine. I thought they
were all just like aspirin or tyenol. Several years later, I obviously learned!!
Sbox is helping me as well...I do feel better than I did even before the
addiction which led me to believe something, mentally had been wrong
throughout my life. I seeked medical assistance to help figure out just
what it was, that was causing me to feel depressed and anxious, and
I take Anti-D's along with Sbox and a couple others to reduce the symptons. This is where our similarities stop. I'm tired of Dr.'s visit and
prescription costs, keeping up with dosages, etc. Please don't misunderstand....I'm a million times better off right now, I just wish
that someone could figure out what inside our bodies is causing us all to feel the way we do and learn how to correct it without meds.
Like pain from an appendectomy or something similar....They remove
your appendix, a week or so of recovery and you're all better. Probably
never have to see that surgeon again. Do you know what I mean?
I am really thrilled that someone has come far enough to discover
meds like Sbox. I might not be here if not for that. I hope I'm not
implying I would be better off without Dr.'s visit, meds, etc. I just
think it's time we take it a step further. Would you agree? Good luck
with your recovery. Thanks for the reply.
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1. People continuing to take an anti-depressant since starting buprenorphine treatment.

I'm a #1. My diagnosis is major depressive disorder and panic attacks with agoraphobia.

I started taking anti-depressants almost 20 years ago. Then, when I reached my early thirties, I started getting the panic attacks and agoraphobia. There is a big family history of all this.

I am on Xanax .5 mg 2x daily for anxiety, and Cymbalta 60 mg. 2x daily for depression.

I definitely feel better mentally since starting Suboxone. It's still too early for me to know if I'll be able to come off the psych meds, though.
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Hi Im new to this site and I was wondering....I've been on Suboxone for a little over a year 12mgs a day and was recently put on Lamotrigine, I'm seriously bi-polar and am have serotin alergies. Anybody have any input on this??? Great site BTW and I'm sure i'll be leaving more posts cause I do have more questions and concerns. Thank You All God bless the Addicts!!!
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I'm not sure what number.

I have depression, ADD, and anxiety (not sure which is primary problem). The Depression was diagnosed when I was about 12 but they did not diagnose the ADD until I was an adult. I tried multiple anti-depressants prior to suboxone and did not find them effective or the side effects were too much. Wellbutrin is the exception. I did notice I felt "better" on wellbutrin but never well enough to continue with it OR it could have been forgetting to take it.

On suboxone, I did not take any anti-depressants. I DID find it helped with my depression and my anxiety. In hindsight as I am 6+ weeks off suboxone, I think I still either had some lingering depression while on the suboxone but I thought it was the suboxone making me unmotivated. I actually think I was unmotivated to begin with.

I am back on wellbutrin post suboxone and neurontin for anxiety. It is too early to tell how well this will work.
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Something like a 6.
Like many others it seems, I suffered from depression my whole adult life and over the last 20 years had tried 10-20 different anti-depressants with virtually no success. Because of a tooth problem I was prescribed opiates and noticed a dramatic difference in my depression. I read about subutex and a doctor agreed to give it a try. It is not 100% all the time, but it way, way better than anything else I have tried for depression.
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I am a # 2, talked with my dr nurse today and they are tapering my off my anti-depressant cymbalta, as they feel this may be contributing to my insomnia, I haven't felt depressed and or anxious (except no sleep thing) since starting sub, I have a dx of PTSD and have been on the gamut of AD's since teenager.
PS: there is a clinical trial out of the University of Washington on suboxone and borderline personality disorder (don't know how to add link, but went to US clinical trial enter WA and suboxone.
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I dont fit in any of these categorys. I was on an antidepresant in the past but stopped taking it in exchange for the opiats and now I feel like I may need to get back on something to help with unresolved issues I was hiding with the drugs.
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Default bi-polor and soboxone

For years i have been on symbax it is a bi-polor med. I have been on soboxone for one month and 2 days yes i am counting. I have notice that since i stopped popping perks (20 to 30 a day) I have feelings again its strange its like i have something to say I don't think i would ever be off my bi-polor my highs and lows off of it is to much. but latley i don't know i have something to say but don't have anyone to say it to. so i am not sure what number i am but i know because of my bi0polor i don't think i will ever be off my ad
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Hi! I am a #6.
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I am a #1! I have been suffering with depression since I was a pre teen. However, I didn't begin taking anti-depressants until the year my brother passed away. At this time my opiate abuse increased ten fold, along with drinking, and smoking weed. Once I starting taking the anti-depressant Effexor XR, I did begin to feel some relief but nothing seemed to make me feel better than a bunch of opiates. Over the next couple months and years my Effexor dose was increased a few times until I reached a 300mg a day dose. I found this to be the perfect amount for me because although I was still using opiates, I felt a significant change in my depression. I had also stopped drinking and smoking weed during this time. Than I started suboxone and stopped my use of all oopiates. I find that everyday my depressive feelings and thoughts are less and less. I am overjoyed with the overall effect that the combination of Effexor and Suboxone has had on me. I have never felt happier in my whole life and I am the closest with my family that I've ever been. This had been an amazing experience for me and I am so thankful for this chance to change my life! -Lori
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Hi Nancy, i am fairly new to this site ive been on sub for over 6 years now am down to 1 milligram and just started taking wellibutrin , probaly should have started it years ago as well jules
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#1. I have been on 75mg of Effexor for about 5-7 years. I don't know if I will ever be able to not take some kind of anti-depressant.
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Dying to reply now...but just tooi my ambian.....dok p g r ggy ihiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid
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Originally Posted by lindamine View Post
Dying to reply now...but just tooi my ambian.....dok p g r ggy ihiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid
are u ok????
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I have been taking Cymbalta since 1999 when my Mother passed away. I took Hydrocodone 10/325mg for pain (back and neck) and yes it made me feel better, someone mentioned it made them feel better like an anti-depressant. It did me also but I was told that it was just being high. After I got on the Suboxone, major anxiety kicked in......
I don't know, and like I posted somewhere earlier, every has heard me say this about the anxiety since September.......

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#2 take paxil and cymbaltta started both before still take both
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First off: "ahavot": Yes, indeed, the subs carry an antidepressant qaulity....I also have bipolar and have been on subs 18 months.....considered and began slow taper.....disaster...major depression returned....there are actually some articles in here about this...just do a search on sub and antidepressants."Blackthorn " and "ricanhavoc"....
I can only add....I am in the same boat.......

Anxiety and depression only increased....drastically for me.....started a little tiny better....but my life fell apart about k6 months into sub treatment.
Turned out.....bipolar........

Have struggled and struggled for the past year...painfully...resorting to things i wish i did not.....back on track....still not feeling well at all!!

These bipolar mood swings , anxiety and severe, real severe, panic, dominate my life.
I do not have one of those golden stories of how great my life is because i gave up opiates.....I only stopped, because, taking 45+ pills a day, barely kept me from withdrawl.
In the beginning with them, it was awesome....not euphoric or high...just kept me at a feeling of being a member of the human race.....not appearing as
"The Hunchback of Notre Dame"....staying in hiding, feeling like such a "sore"...never thought of that description before...but i like that, it's perfect.
Anyhow, as we all have come to know here.....the opiates can't work need to go on about this.

Tell me....anyone out there hear of a drug called "amomorphine"

There is actually NO morphine in it....but it produces the same dopamine as does opiate drugs...widely used in Europe...have not heard of or seen any reports in the US.

Would love to hear if anyone has heard of this.

My pdoc, constantly is investigating why the opiates made me feel the way they did....honest to was not a was just a feeling of like i belonged in life.

Ok....that's my two cents for now....

Going through so much nonsense....worse than my home...haven't replied or kept in touch here the way i would have liked to.....this place means alot to's just that life....and mostly family, demand so much time of me.

Hope all are well...
I am hanging a thread.....not feeling well at allll......depression, mood swings galore...have been told now i have "ultradian cycling"....something new to me.....

ok folks.....ta ta for winnie the pooh would say (TTFN)
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I am Consciousness
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I have been diagnosed with hypomanic bipolar disorder [#2] with rapid cycling. Personally, I think I have some variety of schizophrenia but I don't know how to tell my doctor. Anyway, the general course of action for my kind of bipolar is 2 mood stabilizers, usually anti-convulsants like topamax, lamictal, keppra and 1 atypical anti-psychotic.

Now, my doctor says I have anhedonia. So I am on wellbutrin xl but it hasn't helped at all. it's the generic form and I've heard a lot of people say the generic doesn't work at all. But I will never take SNRIs or SSRIs because they are poison and their side-effects are horrifying.

The truth is, I don't feel anything. Nothing. I don't cry, I don't get angry, I don't feel happy, I don't enjoy anything, including sex [I used to have epic sex on a daily basis before I got into drugs]. I feel like my head is hollow and my chest is empty.
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I wish you would not close all doors on SSRi's and the worse than any of your other meds.....sometimes, the type of meds you are on can make you feel "flat", as in experiencing no emotion or that what you are talking about.
I know Litium did this to me.....but we are all very very different in how we respond to psych meds.....what works for one....not for the other....very unique prescribing for these meds, and it takes a while until your Dr. can hit it right, unfortunately....a lot of trial and error

my daily cocktail is this:

Lamictal-mood stabilizer
prozac- anti depress.
clonidine-for blood pressure/and anxiety for which I take it
suboxone-of course!
nuvigil-fights off fatigue of psych meds
dexedrine-as an anti depress
xanax- needed for all the panic/anxiety
Latuda-my newest; has changed me antipsychotic
hydrocholorthiazide- (water pill), all these meds have done this to me.
Lyrica-as needed for pain and bipolar swings (mostly the dips)

So you see.....never say never.......because I did in the beginning....I was not open to any of this....then again, I was not open to "bipolar"....little by little, my pdoc added to my "cocktail" and believe it or not, taken away some.....but this is all that it takes for me to be a working, functioning member of my family and society. I have two teenage children, that I must be "on my toes" with, let alone an alcoholic husband, who knows nothing about what teenagers are into.

I did what I had to do....after a big fight.
I have been gradually lowering the doses of each med....along with my pdoc's guidance and our plan is to eliminate several.....but in due time.
I needed to keep my head above water and this is what it took.

"IMC" are you on Litium? This can make you feel "flat", commonly like other folks do.....but give it time....sometimes this works itself out.

It has been three years since my psych diagnosis of bipolar...and a world of hell........but it is finally manageable.
be patient. nothing works overnight....and takes up to a month for a med to work properly.....

This was one year ago that I posted this past reply....not much has changed, but I do feel more in control of my life, than I ever have.....still a lot of room for growth!
hope you are ok....hang in there.
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Hi again Nancy. Haven't been to the site in a while but was in a car accident, hence back on opiods, then right back on Subs. Since i had tapered off, i tried many many things to fill the hole suboxone left. alcohol made me sick, so that didn't work, then i tried CYMBALTA, and it was an absolute nightmare.... huge pupils, couldn't see for all the fuzzyness, and I was wide awake and puking 2 days. Just a warning for those of you who might be sensitive to norepinephrine (like in suedophed) use Lyrica for upper back pain or what they call "fibermyalgia' nowa days.

Before suboxone and any opiate addiction, i was on paxil, prozac, and wellbutrin, they made me hypermanic. i'm not bi-polar but these meds made me manic so i do not tolerate them. But i was drug seeking ever since i found there was a pill i could take every day to feel better. And hypermania feels great, trust me, it led to a reckless driving charge and me starting to do crystal meth so mania is not worth it even though it felt good. so i switched to CNS depressants. Much better results. I'm even headed and able to concentrate on my mix of 8-16mg a day of subutex and about 1mg a day of xanax.

Personally I do believe antidepressants work on truely depressed people. I'm in a graduate level program so I have seen biology and the brain when it's depressed, but doctors give these out like candy when they aren't very good for you. And drug companies push them instead of cheaper alternatives like benzo's because they are addictive but let me tell you I was stealing my Paxil from a doctors sample closet when he wouldn't give it to me so which drugs are addictive and which aren't???
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Welbutrin did the trick for me. I had minor success with SSRI's and SSNRI's but Welbutrin works more on serotonin and that seems to be what was "missing"

Wish I was 100% depression free but worry about adding an SSRI/SSNRI at this point. The side effects were tough on me. I tend to have strong 'bad' effects. Heck my diabetes medication (metformin) almost led me to suicide as it had a rare side effect of extreme anxiety in certain people. So I will leave well enough alone

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I am a #4
I don't think I was ever really depressed. I got hooked on the oxys I was prescribed and bammo ....without a choice I was hooked physically and eventually mentally. I of course experienced depression when in withdraw but I chalked that up to part of the withdraw. I have noticed that once I started taking sub the depression went away as did the withdraws. So in that sense, the subs do help depression b/c they alleviate all withdraw symptoms. The question I have; is it depression or just a withdraw symptom?

Anxiety I do have, I have been prescribed Valium for many years but I do not take them daily. I only take them when I feel extremely overwhelmed with stress or panicky. a bottle of 30 10 mgs will last me months...literally. This is my two cents. I am not saying I am perfect, obviously I have issues especially now that I am a full blow addict but I never tought of myself as needing anti depression meds. I had DRs try to convince me I needed them but every time I tried them I quickly realized they weren't for me. I have always been a pretty happy person and dealt with life as it was handed to me. I never felt there was a problem I couldn't solve with a little mind power. It wasn't until I got hooked and ran out of my DOC that I experienced depression.
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Hi, I just joined addiction survivors, is this forum still active or did it go somewhere else?

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Hi SubGirl007, it's open. Just that no one has posted in this particular thread for a long time. Yikes! lol

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Hi Nancy. I was on Lexapro for a few years before starting bupe (10/2010)I had to go on bupe again (.25-.5mg) due to a serious withdrawal from alcohol with very bad gastrtis. This year Jan, i was switched to viibyrd 30 mg. because the lexapro wasn't working well. I do take .25 mg sub if i have a really bad depressive day and it relieves my depression. Hope that helps. willard
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1. People continuing to take an anti-depressant since starting buprenorphine treatment.

This is my category. I have been taking Cymbalta 60mg daily for almost a year. It works good for my nerve pain, but I guess it didn't work well as an antidepressant, since shortly after starting it my opiate addiction got out of control. I still take it now along with my Subs everyday. Hopefully now it will have more of a chance to help me, since I will no longer be medicating my depression with opiates too.

PS: May I ask the purpose of this survey?
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I take Lexapro and Wellbutrin and have been on subs for nearly four years, actually over four years now. I have been on AD's for about two years. Julie
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I take 150 mg of Effexor. What really helped resolve the depression was adding 7mg of Abilify about a year ago.

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I'm a 6 subutex has helped my depression quite alot!
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