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Mary to be honest with you when I first found this site and had made the decision to go on Suboxone I read someone's post (can't remember who it was ?) and I panicked! I thought
OH my GOD i've made a mistake and now i'm gonna be in worse shape than before! Then beat myself us (for seconds in my head) and Nancy posted your taper story and several others! That was my turning point. I thought Okay....This is no big deal! Mary's atitude is the right frame of mind! I started thinking what's the darn hurry....Am I wanting to make this a quick trip for fear that someone will find out i'm on a partial agonist? Is this about ego???? Sure enough! It was ALL ego.... I even tried to stick cost factor in as a good excuse!!!! That didn't work either because of how much I spent getting my DOC.....I sure went to any lenghts to come up with the money for those! wink.... SO all excuses aside your post was inspiring....It made sense and calmed my fears....That was a year ago in Sept. 07. I am down to 1mg (I get the 8mg tablets because they are shaving 1mg is hard but if it's 2mg i'm okay with that.) I just go down as my body dictates now....I find it is time when I feel myself getting that nodding feeling for a few days in a row... I have not had any bad tapering stories...Each drop as you posted has been smoothe and non-noticable....Your a shining star! Thank you Mary for your story and for giving me courage....
Beams back at ya!
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