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First I'd like to thank all my friends who... oooops sorry. With all these accolades, I thought I won a Grammy or something. Seriously, support is such a big part of this gig. My tapering friend, Ros, was a big part of it. Hey Ros! If you read this, I miss you!

najohn - Tell your doctor Mary says he's dead wrong, while you're telling him the stuff Bill BAM! told you to tell him.

CJ, You're absolutely right. Arbitrary deadlines do nothing except make people nervous and freak out. Then it's harder and more complex.

mommaof3, I've stuck around this long, I'll cheer you on when you do your tapering gig.

lookingup, Yeah, the horror stories get better press. You're doing great, slow and steady. What's the rush, is what I always thought. I was addicted to H for 20 years, so it didn't really matter how long it took.

Bill BAM! My friend! Another one who's been there, done that, and sticks around to help. Exercise, right?

OhioMike, Thanks, man. Ok, I'll try and post more. Once my work lessens a bit. Go for it, you can show this to whoever or is it whomever. Hmmmmm. I digress.

Nancy, no, thank you and Tim for creating this place. Wish it was here earlier.

Stacey No Sub in '07! Another one who didn't have a problem. Yeah, that's why I stick around, to show it can be done.

katie0803, very cool that you went back up and aren't freaking. Figuring out our crap is a big part of the whole gig. I'll stick around if Stacey does. LOL Only kidding.

Caroline! I just posted to you in the Caroline topic hon. Thanks for the beams and everything, love.

Damn josie, you're right. How are we gonna tell who's who? Man, I better go get some dye.... Your son is lucky to have a mom like you.

Denista, don't regret it. Mike is right. It's more than just getting off sub. We gotta get all of our s*** together and not worry about how long it's gonna take. Look at me. I'm happy and normal. Well maybe not normal, and I did H for 20 years!! Look at Mike he did H for 10. Think positive, you'll be happy. Just don't overthink anything or pay attention to the horror stories. They happen, but for a reason.

Mike, glad you're still posting here, man. Thank you for your help to Ros and me when we were doing our gig.

Think I got everyone. And big love beams to you all! -Mary

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