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Denista, najohn, lookingup, and others,
As many of you know, I’ve been off bupe for 2 years and 6 months now. I was on for 3 years. Why so long? Because of my 10 year heroin addiction?, not really, cause of all of the things in my life I needed to change. My treatment period was determined by how long it took me to rebuild myself financially, repair relationships, find a place to live, get new friends, get healthy again, and all of the other things addiction screws up.

I did a slow 8 month taper, and didn’t have bad withdrawal at the end, some, but not enough to miss work and my job was physical. I had some trouble with insomnia for a few weeks but the doc gave me ambient and that worked. By 3-4 weeks I was 100% and could deal with whatever cravings I had, which weren’t many because all of my triggers had been eliminated or dealt with during my treatment period, plus I had reduced stress in my life and learned how to deal with it when it did come. Counseling helped there (one on one for me, group wasn’t my thing, but works for others)

Suture explained why some people have withdrawal and some don’t. I am in 100% agreement because my first attempt was 30 day bupe detox and after I had bad withdrawal. Here’s what he said:
It’s a long post but once you get it, you got it forever.

….This is why some people experience PAWS and other do not. It explains why long term treatments are more effective for addiction, and reduce the chance of PAWS. It explains why some people can succeed with short treatments….”

Glad you are still posting here Mary!! We need your beams!
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