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Hey Mary!

It's important for people like us to stick around and let the others know it can be done. Sometimes we forget this or just assume the others already know our story, but with so many newbies coming all the time, it can't be said too often.

I have been off sub since December '06. Still can't believe that Ive been flyin solo for over ten months! Life is good.

Briefly, I began sub on 3/31/06 at 32mg. I began a taper not long into the treatment because my dose was too high for me, IMO. Anyway, long story short, the final .5 mg was the longest 'stall' and then I began .25 alternating with .5...then .25 daily then .25 every other day...then one day I woke and realized it had been several days since I took it and just didn't take anymore. That was Christmas morning, 2006.

I had a little problem sleeping for a couple days, resolved with benadryl. I had runny eyes and sneezing. Restless legs one or two evenings that subsided on it's own. NO BIG DEAL.

Take is slow and easy. It's not a race.


I just wanted to add that if I was at all uncomfortable with my taper, I had no problem go back up and then try to go down again. I was creative but consistant--plus I had a doctor that let me do 'my thing' and helped immensley.
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