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Default Tapering is an art not to be feared

Hey anyone who cares, I just posted something to someone who's starting tomorrow and realized that I've been off of bupe a year and 4 months. Bill BAM! just posted it's been a year for him.

Then I read stuff about people being afraid of tapering. If you start getting nervous about it before you're even ready to taper, it's gonna make it a whole lot worse.

I snorted H for the most part of 20 years. Nothing worked, rehab, countless cold turkeys, methadone - well I only did that gig for like a week before I got sick of the clinic scene and didn't really dig the methadone itself. So for a long time I stayed out of wds with H. Wasn't looking for the high any more, made it through a number of CTs but couldn't take the aftermath - you know, the cravings, the depression. Then I heard about sub. Researched the crap out of it. Called prescribing doctors just to ask questions, this website wasn't around then. I even got the TIP40 to read. Then I made an appointment.

It was the best thing I ever did. I stayed on sub for a year. Started at 16mg and would reduce when I'd forget to take it or started getting really lethargic.

I think the biggest thing that helped me was that me and Ros took 2 months to go from 2mg to 0. 2 weeks with every .5mg drop. BUT if I didn't feel comfortable, I wouldn't have dropped. 0 wasn't too bad at all. A bit of the goose bumplys and jiggly legs. Nowhere as bad as even having a nasty cold.
Sleep was kinda hard at first, but benedryl took care of that.

So here I am a year plus later. No PAWS, no green hair from the naloxone (thanks Leviticus for that one) but most of all no regrets.

Ok, don't really know why I posted this, I suppose just to give hope for anyone out there who's afraid.

Big positive energy beams to all! -Mary

edited to say: Oh yeah, and I did group counseling for a little while, but stayed with one-on-one for the whole time. I don't know why I forgot that part. Therapy is a big part of this whole sub gig. Helps you put everything into perspective.
oh well, whatever, nevermind. - k. cobain
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