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If you live only an hour from pittsburgh, why not try Dr Arthur David. He takes UPMC insurance, and usually you don't have to pay anything, at least that's what is nurse told me. I too have UPMC for life, the only thing is I have a terminial illness and had to change PCP'S to go to him. Try Callin him, you can get his number from this site on the matching site, just put in 5 miles from Pittsburgh. the G TWENTY SUMMIT town. He's wacky but good. now yunz all know where I'm from. DA BURG. STEELER TOWN.tHE SITE HERE MATCHED ME WITH HIM!!!! I have to travel a little but to me he's worth it, after induction with him, he assigns you to one of his other doctor's, that is why he can take up to seven new people a week so far, there is a group meeting after you dose. Please try him and if you need more info on him. oh THERE is a group meeting the first day with him, so plan on being there about 4 hours.

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