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Default DOCS who take UPMC For You

I am in the same position as the original poster. I live about an hour outside of Pittsburgh as well. I have been taking suboxone and have been clean and sober for 3 1/2 years now. At first, I started treatment at a detox facility then to in-patient and eventually to out-patient therapy, as well as receiving suboxone. After about 6 months of all the previous hooplah, I eventually graduated to just being able to go to the doctor, monthly, get my suboxone script filled and that was it. BUT- I have had doctors ween me down to nothing and I get sick when I do not take sub for a couple days- eyes water like crazy and yawn, yawn, yawn.. So, having UPMC For You and VBH as well, I have had to bounce around a lil when weened off or a doc moved, and I know a little about some doctors who take this insurance, do not make you go to groups or any additional therapy, and the only thing you pay is $3 for the co-pay on the subs at the pharmacy..

Not sure if you found a doc but here are some that I know take UPMC For You and like I said, you will only have to go, monthly, pay $3 for the script and that is it. I live north of Pitt, about 45 minutes north, and all the doctors listed below are within a 1/2 hour drive from where I am:

Dr. Brayer... Natrona Heights (off 28, right off the NH exit, on the left) (724)

Dr. Evanko... Suite A 160 Medical Center Road, Chicora (724) 445-3720

Dr. Martin.... 311 N 2nd St Apollo (724) 478-3766‎

Try these. I think Dr. Martin is full and not accepting patients now. Dr. Evanko will gradually taper you off/down (like 2 mg every month after first 3-6 months). Dr. Brayer is open, as far as I know...

I need to find a doctor that takes UPMC For You that is not one of the above, as I have already went there and received treatment... if anyone knows of any doc in/around the Pittsburgh area, heck in Western Pa-anywhere- please, please post and let me know!! I'd SOO appreciate it, as I am on my last 1/4 of a script of suboxone from my last visit and need to find a doc that takes my insurance ASAP- before I run out of my meds!!! TY and I hope this helps for anyone that may be in a similar situation...
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