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Unhappy PA and Medical Assistance

I live in a town about an hour from pittsburgh. It's a small town, with BIG addictions. It went from vikes and perks to oxys and now Heroin has taken over. There isnt ONE person in my life that doesnt know SOMEONE who is addicted. It's HORRIBLE. When I was younger, smoking pot was the worst anyone did. I wont launch into my life story here, thats another post. I have been receiving sub treatment from a doc for about 10 months. At first I did great, but lately, I am relapsing CONSTANTLY and I dont understand it.
My biggest problem since the beginning has been the cost of it. More recently, my husband (over the road truck driver) was pretty much layed off. He is still working but his pay went from $1000 a week take home to $300-500 a week. With the constant worry about bills and money, I am beginning to feel completely hopeless. My dr charged me nearly $500 to start therapy, and I am now payin $75 a month plus gas to drive 60 miles round trip (Durango's eat a LOT of gas!). I have spent 6 of these 10 months searching for some way to get this treatment and pay NOTHING. I have called every physician in 3 counties, NONE will take medical assistance or the behavioral health plan for sub visits. The insurance companies, the workers at the assistance office, the county mental health people, you name it i've called them, NOT ONE OF THEM seems to know how I can get the treatment paid for. Now, heres the kick in the rear end.....
I have read both the UPMC for you AND Value Behavioral Health plans & policies......BOTH OF THEM COVER SUBSTANCE ABUSE OUTPATIENT services. So, WHY is it that I am STILL paying? WHY will they not give me back the nearly $3000 that I have put into this? (I was self paying meds for a while, thankfully I dont have to do that any more!)
Is there anyone who has gone through medical assistance in PA that can tell me what I have to do?
I am TERRIFIED that I will not have the $75 next month to pay for my visit, and just what do I do then? I have my childrens needs that have to come first, and this month, I felt lower than low when I had to actually pawn jewelry to afford this.
The ONLY place that will do the treatment for free REQUIRES me to go to therapy AND group therapy 3 times a week totaling 5 hours each night......I DONT HAVE ANYONE to watch my kids, and I cant take them with me. AND my kids have services that come to our house for several hours a night, I CANT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM MY KIDS!
THIS IS HORRIBLE and I hate it. Why is it that when I try to do the right thing, the world kicks me when I am down?
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