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Hi Tryn-

I've been reading what you have written, since your first post. Here is what you typed not too long ago "I have this impending feeling of disaster"......I CAN SO RELATE.

As a 39 year old single mom of 3 boys, I felt I had to be on "top" of everything. Career, part-time fitness jobs, everything with the boys. I have been there where I felt that I only felt "normal" if I was drinking. Today I feel "normal" (whatever that is) and today I don't have a desire to drink. Just today. I can't handle tomorrow, that is too much. I've been around recovery for awhile, but the insidious disease doesn't go away. I am so grateful that I found my way back - there is always something that hasn't happened "yet".

Please, please, please take care of yourself. Only we that have been there can truly understand what it feels like to have those four horsemen breathing down our neck - anxiety is and has been a huge thing for me and if I can't manage my mental health appropriately I have used alcohol to do so for me. Not today. Jenm

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