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Hey Kiki2007, it took me a few days to adjust from 1 to .5. Get rid of that anticipatory feeling of w/d and stuff. Keep positive, exercise, eat right, stay hydrated. I didn't have much trouble with the tapering off at all. Here's my and Ros's taper gig, if you're bored sometime.

I stayed at .5 for a couple of weeks and then just stopped. Not bad at all. To me it was more of an annoyance than anything. Much less than being sick with a cold or flu. But the big gig is to stay positive. I learned that earlier in my taper when I started sneezing, and thought oh crap, here it comes, but when I looked outside there was a bunch of pollen and stuff blowing around. Go figure, right?

So, I did it without meds, except for benedryl to sleep.
Big tapering beams to you! -Mary
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