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Default Medical Loans-No Credit?

I've recently seen people talking about new medical loans which supposedly can be obtained by those with no credit. I've heard, they can be used for (more effective) rehab programs. Does anyone have any experience with obtaining such loans or any advice?

After years...decades of searching for an answer, I think, I may have found it BUT that answer, will cost me about $22,000. I want OFF of these maintenance drugs, permanently. Traditional rehabs don't work...3% effective over all & for long termed opioid addictions, they're useless.

An addiction specialist told me that because of heavy & lengthy usage (of prescribed pain-killers/ opioids)and then years of maintenance drugs at high doses, that my DNA had been permanently changed & I would never be able to live a normal life without opioids. I can't accept this but how in hell, can I come up with 22 G when I'm struggling to pay bills, Sub dr/pharmacist, eat, etc? Please share any info on medical loans with no credit. Thank you.
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