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Unhappy Need help. Northern Tenn. Western Va . Southern Ohio Or West Virginia

I have been seeing a Suboxone dr for 4 months. 2 strips a day. I live in Eastern Kentucky. I was told when i started seeing my Dr that they would work with me on medication because i have really bad headaches with Suboxone or subsolve. And it seems since I have been taking the strips my tongue stays raw and so does my throat. . My Dr told me that subutex would probally be a better fit for me but no dr in kentucky was allowed to write it out. And she said just to deal with the side effects. So basically im looking for a Dr in northern Tennessee, Western West Virginia, Southern Ohio, or western Virginia. I think i have a valid shot of staying sober if i could just get a Medication that doesn't make me feel so bad when i take it. If anyone out there has any information that can help me send me a message please. I have pulled up list after list of dr that provide treatment but it seems everyone i call I dont get a answer or its a fax number. I dont care if i have to drive 5 hours or what i have to do i just dont want to go back to the life style i was living. With the suboxone there are days i cant go to work because my head hurts or by the end of the day i am going back into withdraw. Thanks this is my first post.
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