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Default "free medicine"?

Have any people tried FREEMEDICINE.COM ? They claim once you send in the application with a one-time, $10 processing fee you can get all your meds for free! I haven't tried it b-cuz I don't have ten dollars or a Credit card! I have the brochure with an application, but you can also apply on-line and send the $. I had heard it's for real. If anyone tries it, let me know how it worked out please.
Another discount card came in the mail called, "USA Medical Card". It claims to save up to 75%.

I was on Suboxone covered under Medicaid for two-years. (Got Lucky)Then my Medicaid was cut and could not afford it. My Dr. felt it necessary (as did I) to continue on a med. so he prescribed Buprenorphine b-cuz it was cheaper than Sub. Well, I think it may be more. I pay $90 for 30 pills. The more I get filled the cheaper it is. There is only one Pharmacy willing to fill it around here. I have actually wondered if I could use an out of town Pharmacy that charges less but I don't think Buprenorphin can be sent in the mail. Does anyone know?

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