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The AAA card is backed by Caremark. BCBS is also backed by Caremark. I have used Caremark is price drugs but I usually buy them in person at Kroger because it is convenient, they price march on your statement and I am concerned about probable issues with mailing. The price for three months is less and the price decreases with the amount.

You do not have to join AAA to use Caremark

Costco is probably the best--they have come in below Caremark for me. They accept Caremark.

Other sources: medical universities/teaching hospitals ($1 at UNC, churches, Salvation Army, local charities etc.

I have also seen a program that provides guaranteed coverage for drugs, doctors etc that is not insurance--states about $2/day--had the number but can't find it--will try to catch it the next time it is on a TV ad.

Hope this helps
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